TVG: Homefront Hands-On

The freakishly prescient Kaos Studios is back and this time it’s bolder. Not happy with predictions of global financial collapse amid snowballing energy crises (a la Frontlines: Fuel of War, its previous and debut title), Kaos is now setting its sights on suburban America and dropping a swathe of Korean People’s Army paratroopers straight into it, as you do.

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Legion2732d ago (Edited 2732d ago )

Once again the first thing out of the reviews mouth is the thought that the idea of North Korea being able to do such a thing with a unified south Korea is far fetched.

Unlikely... highly! Plausible in a future 'if this happens' type of scenario...? Hhhmmmm... having lived in Korea previuosly for 6+ years. Comments are made that U.S. interest is more politically keeping South from taking over North vs defence posture. Large Soth Korean faction that believes in unification in the Koreas and hold party bonds pushing their agenda. College kids are pro unification and anti-government/anti-occupatio n in their agendas. North Korea has NUMEROUS spys in South Korea that are caught (and eventually released into the South Korean public under repatriation AND PAID!) every year.

Just saw old Donal Trump talking about the possability of running for president and saying that South Korea is not our friends! Saying we should pull our forces out of South Korea and treat them not as an ally. Maybe they should have used that story line in the game. Seeing old Donald's hair in the game would be funny.

Just saying... there are more unrealistic scenarios in our gaming world. Stop harping on this one and play the game already.

P.S. if some reason China has internal uprising and civil war. North Korea becomes the New Russia of our era. Just think about it.

Did I mention I am getting this game day one? ha (and NO I don't own Black Ops!!!)