9 things you need to know about Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Opinion piece about what to expect from Uncharted 3 based on what's known right now.

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lordkemp0072735d ago

9 things?

I only need to know one and that is this game will be bought on day 1.

IRetrouk2735d ago

yeah this game is day 1 for me, they have made great games for like ever now, the crash games they made were the best ones, the jak and daxter games are in my top 5 games, and uncharted has went from strength to strength, i have no problems saying this will be the best action adventure game yet, i can say it cause it will be.

KRATOS-PS32735d ago

If you really buy one single game this year DAY ONE then it has to be Uncharted 3. EPIC is written all over it once again.

Simco8762735d ago

I am looking forward to the multiplayer. I just hope more people start playing it, U2 multiplayer was fantastic

Janitor2735d ago

1. D
2. A
3. Y

4. O
5. N
6. E

7. B
8. U
9. Y

Chitown712912735d ago

Im bout to go hold Naughy God hostage and make them have it ready by April.............*buys guns* *purchase plane ticket*

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