No co-op for Crysis 2 - but a 'beefy' campaign is promised

Crytek has confirmed to CVG that Crysis 2 will not feature co-op play, but claimed that a "beefy" campaign will help make it a must-buy for FPS fans.

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Trunkz Jr2769d ago

Calling your campaign beefy still doesn't make up for a lack of co-op...

DelbertGrady2769d ago

At least it's better than having no online co-op and a generic 5 hour campaign like some other games.

Optical_Matrix2769d ago

At least the generic 5 hour campaign shooter has co-op full stop

CernaML2769d ago

Now you're just being desperate, Delbert.

HeavenlySnipes2769d ago

if it also has no online coop also. LOL PC fanboys and their "open" world Crysis 2. Please, its as open world as MGS4. Give the player 2-3 paths to the objective and make it seem you can go wherever you want. But you know what? MGS4 will probably be better than this game LOL

juniordee2769d ago

Wait...did I miss something? Since when was co-op expected for crysis 2?

lucifon2769d ago

I was also thinking this

Op242769d ago

I'd almost think the game would be too easy with coop considering all the power your suit gives you lol. The enemies would be crapping themselves at the sight of two suits.

DigitalAnalog2769d ago

Unless you want to end up like that mysterious "black" guy in Resistance who not only helps out in the campaign but is oblivious to the storyline.

If you place co-op, then it must have some relevancy to the storyline.


It's the Vanquish effect again. Seriously, these bloggers should stop posing "tallied" game time as real time at the end of game because it results into idiotic statements like the one you're responding to.

-End of Line

otherZinc2769d ago

Yep, it damn sure doesn't.

I knew it wouldnt have campaign online co-op due to the limitations of the PS3 & its split memory. This will always be the case with multiplat games.

Proof Bulletstorm:
There is no reason Bulletstorm doesn't have co-op when Gears has some of the best co-op in history.

If it isn't cell-shaded or looks ugly as hell, said game will never be co-op online for the PS3, period!

Kingscorpion19812769d ago

Resistance 3 and Socom 4 will have online co-op!!

HeavenlySnipes2769d ago

Like the guy above said SOCOM 4 has online coop. If the first party devs for the PS3 decided to downgrade to Halo Reach graphics then adding online coop will be a breeze. Gears and Halo aren't benchmarking anything so its easy for the engine to render several average looking models in an average looking world, with nothing going on in the environment.

cemelc2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )


LoL these games beg to differ:
Uncharted 2.
Killzone 3.
Resistance 1&2.

So now go back to your cave and think of a better way to troll.

The_Ultimate_Guy2768d ago (Edited 2768d ago )

@ cemelc

1. Uncharted 2 doesn't have online co-op that is apart of the same single player campaign.

"Thanks to games like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and Gears of War, online co-op gameplay has become an almost obligatory bullet point for modern action games. Naughty Dog has chosen to respond to the trend in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves in a way that's slightly different than usual. Rather than shoehorn a second player into an experience already crafted for solo adventure, it's creating a separate side mission designed specifically with two to three players in mind."

2. Are you saying Borderlands is on the same graphical level as Killzone 3? Don't think so. Also note that Otherzinc said:

"If it isn't cell-shaded or looks ugly as hell, said game will never be co-op online for the PS3, period!"

and guess what... Borderlands is cell shaded.

3. Killzone 3 has offline split-screen co-op. Much easier to program and implement offline splitscreen co-op than it is to have online.

4. Resistance 1 again has offline splitscreen Co-op, not online. Resistance 2 has co-op separate from the initial online campaign. Also again, are you saying the Resistance franchise is on the same graphical level as Killzone? I don't think so.

You missed Otherzinc's point. Clearly and failed at countering his argument.

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gillri2769d ago

well coop even when just shoe horned in is good fun, if Halo Reach can do it and pull it off very well why cant this or Killzone 3?

I reckon the SP of crysis 2 was always gonna be better than Halo Reach's or Killzone 3's though

Jellzy2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

KZ3 does have a co-op campaign albeit it's split screen only. They may one day patch it in but I doubt it.

Halo Reach also had the issue that you required a HDD for co-op (is this still the case?), so I wouldn't exactly say that they pulled it of 'very well'.

Factor in that both KZ3 and Crysis are a lot more taxing on the hardware they run on, it's much harder to fully implement co-op without there being any kind of compromises.

Essentially what I'm getting at is that it's not just a case that if they can do it why can't we. There's so many more variables at play.

gillri2769d ago

well no cause Halo Reach pushed the 360 to breaking point and Bungie still managed to fit it in,

and all the reviews said the coop was implemented brilliantly never mind just 'very well'

hamburger1232769d ago

I thought there was only one dude with a nano suit

juniordee2769d ago

If you played Crysis 1 you'd know that nano suits are very common, even the north koreans had them.

Tachyon_Nova2769d ago

Nanosuits are, but not Nanosuit 2's

Spinal2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

No Co-op no purchase.

I was already Highly disappointed by the online multiplayer 6v6 matches. You couldn't atleast have 24 or 32 players?

6v6??? FUUUU.

slavish32769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

yeah No Co-op no purchase. ill get it used later maybe but no coop makes me not care

Shackdaddy8362769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Did you expect co-op or something?

Anyways, I heard the campaign was like 14+ hours so while you try to find a co-op game, I will be busy with an awesome campaign. :)

Spinal2769d ago

I wasn't expecting co-op however that would have made me buy the game despite only having 6v6 Online multiplayer.

No co-op and only 6v6 online means No sale to me.

olit1232769d ago

It's kinda strange to me that someone would write a game off without waiting to see what people say :s

Anyway, aren't you turned on by a 20 hour campaign? That's kinda rare from an FPS game these days.

Spinal2768d ago

I played the first crysis on my PC long campaign it was great. But I felt it was missing co-op and a online multiplayer component. And it was.

Now they got Crysis 2 with only 6v6 and no co-op? Come on its 2011 not fricking 1998.

I'll be getting Killzone 3, Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3 for my shooters this year.

HeavenlySnipes2769d ago

Crysis 2, pushing consoles to the max with no coop and 6v6 COD multiplayer.

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beavis4play2769d ago

DelbertGrady and gillri sound like little kids.

as far as the crysis2 co-op? so what.......if the SP is fun, i don't see the big deal with not having co-op.

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