Dragon Age 2: PC vs. Xbox 360 - No Better Graphics For PC-Fanboys

Dragon Age 2 is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. If you want to play it now, download the demo. Here's a quick graphcis comparison between PC and Xbox 360. And no, there are no big differences. Sorry, PC-Guys.

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MegaMohsi2769d ago

ok, small screenshots prove nothing. Performance wise 60fps+ on PC vs consoles 30, resolutions up to 2500x1660 vs 720p native? Bioware game as well so you know PC will have improved textures/lighting etc so this "comparison" is dumb.

imvix2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

While the comparison is dumb, console fans are overlooking one very important point, if games wont be pushing hardware. Which is the recent trend with most games out. They seem to run fine with 2-3 years old hardware since they are designed with consoles in mind first. All of us know how old console tech is.

Most games on current mid range hardware runs at 2560*1600 with 4x-8x aa, lets be honest here not many PC gamers will be using those resolutions. Most gamers will be at 1080p which is a cake walk.

It will lead to people not needing upgrades, it already has for anyone whos bought a well balanced PC in the last few years and hasnt decided to go multi screen gaming. It will lead to a decline in sales for comapanies like AMD and Nvidia. Which will mean less research going in toward future hardware and may result in an overall stagnation of tech.

There were recent rumors of an AMD sell out. If such a thing does happen it wont be pretty for any of us gamers be it Nvidia or AMD. If the tech from these companies becomes unavailable, console makers will need to invest billions to create tech for the next console and still may not be able to deliver the kind of chips we have from these GPU makers today.

Imo the games market becoming stagnant and not taking advantage of hardware can lead to bad things. Console fanboys who think otherwise should think again.

Bear_Grylls2769d ago

Lets not forget that modern GPU's can overide game settings and force higher than normal graphics (AA, minimap, normal map etc.)

There will be better graphics on my PC regardless of what this dude says. Being in full HD alone will make the PC version look better.

HURP A DERP article.

jeseth2769d ago

Who really cares about the graphics? On a nice computer I'm sure they'll be tighter if someone has the right setup. A game like Dragon Age is so much more than graphics.

I'm a console player and I admit I am envious of the mouse/keyboard controls that a CPU has. It is much easier to access spells, skills, and items.

IMO that is where PC has over the 2 console versions.

Kazu0 Hirai2769d ago

imvix, take a look at the new battlefield 3 gameplay trailer and you will see you don't have to worry about devs not taking advantage of hardware :)

Christopher2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Regardless of the initial graphical quality (something tells me they set the PC up with low to mid-level quality graphics as it is), the one thing we can expect with DA2 on the PC are community mods that will make this game shine like no other version of it.

@imvix: They've already stated that the toolset used to make DA2 is very similar to DA:O and that they would do what it takes to update the community toolset to work with DA2. Even then, the community can already use the same toolset for graphical enhancements.

imvix2769d ago

I dont think they have released mod tools for the game. They would rather sell DLCs. Its the reason why devs prefer forcing people onto consoles. Its easy to make console gamers buy DLC after DLC. PC gamers actually demand freedom to create their own content which extends the life of a game.

ct032769d ago

Blow these shots up to fullscreen and compare against native 1080p with 8xAA. Then tell me again that there's no difference.

Bijorn2768d ago

Plus the demo is in Direct X 9, the full game will be available in Direct X 11

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solar2769d ago

Da:O on PC looked leaps and bounds better then the console versions. why would the 2nd be any different?

Substance1012769d ago

Because the first 1 didnt run well on consoles, it had frame rate issues on the PS3 (because PS3 version offered better textures), while Xbox had good frame rate it had poor textures. In a word there was compromise on both the consoles. PC version was the best overall version.

Since the Consoles couldnt handle the first game well they decided to dumb it down in terms of graphics.

Baka-akaB2769d ago

what the hell are you talking about ? It wasnt dumbed down from the first game . The first game didnt look better at all , and consoles have enough games that look far better than DAO anyway .

The only difference is DAo was optimized like crap on consoles , while the second one fares better

ct032769d ago

<<The first game didn't look better at all>>

Graphically speaking, it's much better than both console builds. Curiously, the PC version's .ini files even include resolution settings, suggesting that the textures on PS3 and Xbox 360 are just 25 per cent of the size compared to the PC build when it's running in "high" mode. As you can see from the comparison gallery, the cutbacks to texture quality on both console builds have been quite severe.

Baka-akaB2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

I dont get you point , i'm talking about DAO vs DA2 .

I dont need to be told something as obvious as pc run it better than consoles .
He is basically saying that DA2 looks worse than DAO because consoles couldnt handle DAO .
Wich is ridiculous

Motorola2769d ago

VERY HIGH settings DX11 on the demo is LOCKED on PC. Jeez thats why they look similar

hassi942768d ago

It isn't on mine? :S I can run very high with DX11, mind you it's a little buggy and I'm only getting like 15-20 fps.

I still don't think there's much difference, but I did play it on my PC yesterday and my Xbox today so maybe I can't tell having not seen them side by side. But tbh if you need to see them side by side to see a noticeable difference, the differences aren't noticeable at all.

solar2769d ago

also, the PC v. console versions had different gameplay.

gillri2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

yeah we know that up-to-date PC hardware is a waste of money, oh unless you consider playing at resolutions that do virtually nothing but make it look 'a bit cleaner' is worth almost a generation difference in hardware

but of course PC hardware whores will fill this topic with worthless number crunching that noone cares about but the people that waste their money on attaining it

oh my godz! teh 2560 res, only teh 720P........WHO CARES!!

If im gonna upgrade my PC it'l be when the next gen of consoles come out cause only then will PC's hardware get utilised anything close to what console's do

it these people that ruin the industry by focusing on technical aspects and numbers instead of good and consistent visual design, which has in part lead to PC gamings current state

Bear_Grylls2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

If your a defeatist communist maybe lol.


Only if you are content with second best gaming and the next console day 1 will still only be second best.

gillri2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

yes I have my moments

I also play PC games but im not a moronic number crunching elitist PC fanboy, concerned with justifying money spent on hardware that simply isnt needed

I upgrade when I feel it is REALLY needed, and until the next gen of console's come isnt

TABSF2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

If you want to go on money wasted

I have a PC with 260 Steam games and counting
I have a PS3 with about 20 games and counting
I have a 360 with about 15 games and counting
I have a Wii with about 10 games and counting
and so on

My PC system all together comes to about £1600 and games about £1100.
My PS3 was £425 and £300 because of YLOD and games about £900.

So my PC is about £2700 (including 260+ games)
So my PS3 is about £1625 (including < 20 games)

I got 10 of thousands of hours out of my PC and I use it everyday for at least 4 hours for leisure. Plus its never failed
I got probably less than 1 thousand hours out of my PS3 and I only use it for exclusives and PlayTv. Plus I've had 1 fail on me.

Not even going to mention the 360 and Wii, rarely play exclusives on both, and usually get the 360 ones on PC anyway.

Oh and its the same yet PC is DirectX 11 and Consoles are DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0

Motorola2769d ago

You are CORRECT. AND to add to it, Very High settings on the PC demo is DISABLED for some reason so we cant see the true potential

radphil2769d ago

"but of course PC hardware whores will fill this topic with worthless number crunching that noone cares about but the people that waste their money on attaining it "

Here's a question: Where the **** are you when there's the console comparison articles then?

Liber8or2769d ago

Would also like to add the point that the PC demo does NOT have all GFX options available. It clearly states that DX11 features have been disabled for the demo.

Fail article is full of fail.

Bear_Grylls2769d ago

Well HURP A DERP to the noob of a reviewer.

TABSF2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

Except PC can be played at 7680 by 1600 (6 times 1080p - 12 times 720p)
Except PC can be played at 8xSSaa, 32xMSaa and 16xQaa
Except PC can be played at 16x AF
Except Mods for textures and graphics tweaks.

Plus all the community made content for extra weapons and maps and quests.

Bear_Grylls2769d ago (Edited 2769d ago )

People always forget about GPU individual application settings and how they can overide game settings.

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