Analysis: Sony Hardware Struggles At Retail, LittleBigPlanet 2 Sells 353,000 Units

Gamasutra - "While Microsoft has been on fire for the past eight months, Sony's good fortunes appear to have run out. It is the only platform holder with three systems still actively being sold, two of which are no longer meaningfully contributing to the market. The third, the flagship PlayStation 3, is saddled with a $300 entry-level price that is killing its mass-market appeal."

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InfectedDK2826d ago

I gotta say that games sell extremely well on the PS3 :)

guigsy2826d ago

In fairness PS3 hardware and software just doesn't sell as well in the US as it does in Europe. I bet LBP2 has sold at least half a million in Europe.

kancerkid2826d ago

Damage control?

The analyst is clearly talking about America. Why bring up Europe. There is a reason he is paid and his articles on Gamasutra while you are commenting on N4G.

Chromer2826d ago Show
guigsy2826d ago

@ kancerkid

For your information, I only own a 360 (my housemate has a PS3). Does that mean I'm not allowed to say anything good about the PS3?

captain-obvious2826d ago

this website still lives in 2007

ABizzel12826d ago

LBP 2 is on it's way to 1 million copies, it's been selling consistently well each week, and like LBP1 it's going to have long legs.

FarEastOrient2826d ago

For a console that's still $299 that's not bad, the PS2 was already at $199 at this point in its lifetime. But NPD doesn't cover everything leaving outlets like Amazon, etc out of the picture.

kancerkid2825d ago

Look, Gamasutra is one of the most famous and well-respected video game related sites on the Internet. The site is an off-shoot of Game Developer magazine. They are more academic any site I can think of that has to do with games.

Everyone knows about Europe, a continent which has twice the population of NA, and how Sony is doing over there. This article is specifically about NA, so there is no reason to bring up Europe with the euphemism in fairness (we all you know mean "Talk about Europe because everything is great sales-wise other there").

It is easier to talk about the NA because of the more homogenous sales base than it is to talk about Europe because NA is much less regionalized than Europe and a better predictor of sales and thus how well a game will do.

Again, the only reason you want him to bring up Europe is because the PS3 is 'doing good' over there, which is not the point of his article at all.

malandra2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

since posting the list of exclusives for both consoles now it's overkill and a little emberrising, let's start getting this into people heads:

PS3 sold 47.9 million in 4 years (average 12 million a year)
360 sold 50.7 million in 5 years (average 10 million a year)

these are official numbers from both Sony and Microsoft ending on dec 2010, so by this time next year PS3 will be ahead and that's long before the next gen arrives, after that PS3 will only strech the gap, so the 360 will end this generation on third place, and far from the PS3's second

money is money, doesn't matter where it comes from, the fact that the 360 sells more than the PS3 in the US is just as relevant as the fact that PS3 sells more in Paraguay

Death2825d ago


Not to nit pick, but by your estimates Xbox 360 will be at 60.7 million this time next year and the PS3 at 59.9 million. This leaves 2012 as the year the PS3 claims second place. Seven years into this console life cycle and you don't think the next gen will be a factor?

Personally I won't make any bold statements since a price reduction by either camp will shake things up pretty good. Anything can happen at this point.


paintsville2825d ago

"You only own a 360? Ouch, must suck to be you brah."
That's all he needs unless he wants to watch a blu ray and a player can be picked up for pocket change. For playing games he's already got the world's top game developer's perferred platform.

BattleAxe2825d ago

Here we go again with another Sony is doomed article....

MRMagoo1232825d ago

This article seems to be damage control Kancerkid everyone knows the ps3 is doing better than the 360 world wide and the games are selling better too the ps3 also has the best line of games once again the 360 is left with nothing but casual dance games and a lead that has diminished very fast. Its to be expected someone predicted this the other day when there were some pro ps3 articles about hardware and software sales theres always someone out there with another 360 fantard article written up to copy and paste onto a site.

ComboBreaker2825d ago

Then the 360 hardware must be dying at retail, because the PS3 outsold the 360 in yearly sales, every year, ever since 2007.

HolyOrangeCows2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

"Struggles"? Because of a 3% year-over-year dip during the least significant month of the year?

Live in 2007 much?

I wonder what the numbers are outside of the NA region.

4me22825d ago


"That's all he needs( xbox 360) unless he wants to watch a blu ray and a player can be picked up for pocket change. For playing games he's already got the world's top game developer's perferred platform."

You really believe in it or just trolling?

I would like to point out that MS lost many top exclusive developers like Bungie,Ensemble Studios, Bizarre Creations ... and couple more. The only high profile proven exclusive MS has it is Gears of War, at least the one I'm interested in, everything else is multi-platform plus competition has nice number of their own exclusives.

DaTruth2825d ago

Who are these articles for anyway? It's not like you can just invest in American sales only! If Wedbush Morgan told me PS3's were selling bad and didn't invest my money in Sony, only to find out later that PS3 was indeed selling well globally, Wedbush Morgan would lose my business if they said; "Sorry, we were talking about America."

They would be giving investors a distorted picture of the market they are investing in! I don't care how badly Sony is doing in one region when as a whole they could be making me money!

Do they get "buy America" sponsorship for this crap!

Anon19742825d ago

I find it surprising that they can make such broad generalizations off of a single month of sales in one region alone. Meanwhile, the PS3 has been outselling the 360 ever since it was made available worldwide - yet still some "analysts" would have you believe that it's somehow in trouble. It just makes me shake my head.
"OMG, since the PS3's price cut and slim launch software sales have gone up in the US but hardware sales went up, then flattened out! DOOOOOOM!"
I mean, seriously? How do I get a job like this? I can pull analysis like this out of my ass too. Hell, I built a website on it! :)

baodeus2825d ago


Let see which one do developers/Sony (in this case) prefer:

1. Selling 3-5 millions at +$60 a pop within 5 months and stop entirely vs.

2. Selling a total of 3-5 millions over a 2 years = long leg (but at much reduced price < $60 after 5 months)?

NukaCola2825d ago


you are what your name is. you make it clear in every post that are a 360 gamer and a ps3 hater. we do not want people like you n4g. xbox has a forum if you want to lie and troll about sony related articles. do it there. can't we get n4g back to its golden days, when jerks stayed in the open zone, and people could have mature discussions? MODs, please?

Seferoth752825d ago

@nukecola, How would you know about the good ol days having joined Feb 11 of 2011? Why don't you go hop on your original account and tell others about whose a fanboy.
You long for the days when there was a Sony fanboy for a mod who deleted any negative comment about Sony? Yet you consider others fanboys? Now that I agree with the guy but only a fanboy would be so desperate to ask for someone to leave a site. If the guy is so wrong just prove it to him and Move on with life

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360degrees2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

honestly that is an abysmal amount for such a highly acclaimed sequel to GOTY...with all this high and mighty talk recently about how hackers are ruining gaming, and how we need to support the developers by actually purchasing the game I would have expected much greater sales apologies Media Molecule..apparently the fan's wallets dont truly view this as Sony's "Mario"

ScentlessApprentice72826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Can you confirm or refute that? Either way, your avatar and SN do not exactly lead you to be an objective person; It's about time to "Jump In" right? :)

Boody-Bandit2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Scentless you're wasting your time.

360degrees is a multiple account troll. He has been spamming this place with nonsense under this account for nearly 3 years (he probably has dozens of accounts). 3 years with only a 194 comments and nearly every single one talking trash about Sony or talking up / defending his bethrothed.

bunfighterii2826d ago

i never even played the first LBP. It just doesn't appeal to me.

gaffyh2826d ago

"The NPD Group has revealed that sales of 353,000 copies of LittleBigPlanet 2 during January 2011, nearly matching the first game's two-month total. In just the period around launch, the sequel has reached roughly one quarter of the original game's 1.47 million units in sales. (That original LittleBigPlanet figure includes the original 2008 release and the 2009 Game of the Year edition, but not the PSP version.)"

Enough said. Game has sold quite well.

NeloAnjelo2826d ago

Hmmm... Yeah there was no midnight launch, there was no major hype train, there were no lines at the stores... but guess what LBP sold well, and this is selling better... faster sales do not mean better sales, or a failed product. DeadSpace 2 was out in the same month as well as ME2...

Thats 2 other high quality games people could have picked up, choosing to get LBP2 later in the year... Common sense and choice. What choice has come to the 360 this year so far?... oh wait, none.

Shame on you to make me react like this.

thedisagreefairy2825d ago

LBP1 destroyed Dead space 1 in overall sales. so you saying dead space 2 coming out in same month having an affect on lbp2's sales is a little inaccurate. Lbp2 will sell very well "worldwide" over the next year. its a family game and families dont run out to buy a game day 1 like us hardcore gamers do. thats why lbp1 sold so little at first but eventually hit around the 3 million mark.

ipe2825d ago

u should apology remedy for abysmal sales of Wake, i dont think ey care much about sales right now for 5$ lmao, and fable, and mass effect while it was "exclusive", i guess forza needed 10 bundles to reach few millions. Proven time and time again NOTHING sells on 360 unless its shooter or ur name is halo/gears/cod.

Software sales year after year prove ps3 sells more software WORLDWIDE, nothing to disscus here.

LBP was released about 20 january, so thats 350k in 2 weeks. First one had lower fw and still outsold 95% of 360 exclusives with 5 millions copies sold WW.

Clarence2825d ago

Funny. That's what I said about Alan wakeup. 5yrs in the making. Sony showed you what 5yrs in a making can do to the tune of 6.3m sold for GT5. Fanboy article. Apparently outselling the 360 for the past 3yrs means the PS3 is in trouble. Weird I could have sworn the PS3 outsold the 360 by 2.3m in 2010.
Still waiting on statements from Greenberg.

P_Bomb2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

*sigh* troll threads said the same thing about LBP1 at launch which did less than LBP2, yet went on to sell over 4 million. Same ol' N4G 2 years later. I am disappoint.

pain777pas2825d ago

For those who need to know. LBP is a multiplayer and single player wonder that will deliver a smile from the first level you play. The game is awesome. Whether you have someone beside you or joining in on the fun with others it is a one more level addictive experience. LBP2 looks like it expanded into a game creator rather than just a level creator with music sequencer and all. This game is a gamers dream. If I was younger i would be making levels all the time and drawing them in class to get level design down. The same can be said for Modnation racers. These games are gems and should be considered as two of the most important games this generation. LBP is a landmark title. Some gamers get it some dont. I can get LBP2 at anytime because of the quality of the game. Same goes for many PS3 exclusives. I know people have read this many times but it cannot be emphasized enough. Price and initial online problems aside Sony has delivered the games both old and new franchises that play extremely well. You can deny this all you want and consider it a fanboy rant or something. I know that some of their games like Heavy Rain and Flower are not mass market appeal games but they are important.

JD_Shadow2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

Dead Space 1 didn't have as much hype, either. No one expected the game to do as well as it did.

DS2, though, IS known about because now people know the series, it's hyped, it has some PS3 exclusive stuff in it (an extra GAME), etc. So it selling better might've actually happened (it's a great game, too, btw).

Personally, I think Sony might want to rethink this whole hacker fight. It might be setting some of the general public off. Sure, WE here might like it and pick sides, but the general public might just be saying "ENOUGH already with it" and just want Sony to move on with other things and not care if hackers ever do anything or not. Problem is, how do you stop a story like that from getting out to the general public when that's all the mainstream media WANTS to talk about? My advice to Sony on that is to see what it can do to not drag this out anymore than it has to. If that means allowing homebrew and reinstating Linux, then do it! Sony doesn't have to sacrifice the piracy and PSN cheating fight to make that compromise. Might be worth it in order to not have this drag out. In my mind, regardless of who might actually be in the right, the more that case gets dragged out, the more people will be unhappy about the length of it and just tell Sony to compromise with Geohot somehow and get it over with.

Since hardware sales are down and not software sales, that could mean other things too. Could either mean something is wrong with how Sony is trying to get people to move to the next system, Sony is too stubborn to retire the PS2 (I've been questioning why they haven't yet for a long time), or that they are anticipating a price cut and are waiting until then to buy one.

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LOGICWINS2826d ago

"In fairness PS3 hardware and software just doesn't sell as well in the US as it does in Europe. I bet LBP2 has sold at least half a million in Europe."

YUP..thats why Europe often times get the better collector's editions/box arts for PS3 exclusive games. Because Europeans support PS3 exclusives better than American gamers.

scruffy_bear2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Us Europeans normally get poorer collector's editions just look at LBP 2, the first picture is the US colletor's edition and the second one is EU version. As you can see us EU gamers didn't get half of what the US got

Jazz41082825d ago

I would expect gt5 being on what itss fifth sequalbto sell more then a new ip allen wake. Why is it when sony. Fans feeled pressed by sales they always bring allen wake into it. How about haze or lair or other new ips then? That's just stupid guys. Who cares about sales when we all know both the 360 and ps3 are doing fine.

xAlmostPro2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

lol pretty sure out of the US(as in worldwide, which are the sales that matter tbh) the ps3 is still outselling ;)

malandra2825d ago

only is US, PS3 and its games are selling just fine

GT5 sold 6 million games in six weeks

evilunklebud2825d ago

I should pick this up too... Had a really good time with the first LBP.

TOO MANY GAMES to buy.....

DigitalAnalog2825d ago

LBP2 is selling a lot more on it's first month than it's predecessor - and THAT is between ME2 and GT5.

-End of Line

Vherostar2825d ago

This is in the US only though as the PS3 is still outselling the 360 worldwide and thats why Sony don't care too much as the developers are now switching over to PS3 as worldwide is more important than just 1 continent. Thus once you got the developers on your side the rest will follow.

So yeah will the patriotic USA finally adopt Japanese technology over USA technology?? Only if you give them a REALLY good reason. As people forget the 360 is from the US and how patriotic they really are. An American will always choose USA products over products from abroad. I have nothing against this either as it's great to see such a patriotic country but of course if the developers start jumping over to Sony that patriotism will dwindle.

Solidus187-SCMilk2825d ago

Horrible reasoning. The best selling console this gen in USA is the wii, a Japanese company. Last gens? SONy, Sony, Nintendo, Nintendo. All....JAPANESE videogame makers.

The right statement you could make is really that the USA supports all consoles, from any maker, more than any other country. Because the USA buys the most Wiis, the most 360s and the most PS3s.

astrobrights2825d ago

I highly doubt many people are purchasing cosnoles based on patriotism. Personally, I think the Xbox 360 is a piece of junk and the PS3 on the other hand is well-made. I'm on my 4th 360 and still on my original PS3. It's stupid to claim that an American will always choose USA products. I choose my systems and games based on what I want to play.. it has nothing to do with the country of origin. I also don't think Americans look at Microsoft favorably. It's definitely a very shady company.

ChrisW2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )


You're right. There hasn't been a decent American console since Atari and Coleco.

I liked the point you're trying to convey, so I gave you an agree.

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Thatguy-3102825d ago

353,000 ain't that bad for US alone I mean didnt uncharted 2 sell around the same in it's first week ? And look how much it has sold so far including WW sales... LBP 2 should pass LBP in no time

Muffins12232825d ago

353 unites is nothign compared to halo reach...and alto of 3rd party games sell better on xbox,cod,etc.

Maddens Raiders2825d ago

...I was thinking the exact. same. thing.

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MaximusPrime2826d ago

ok so how Sony Hardware doing outside North America?

very good

paintsville2826d ago

Outside North America PS3 does pretty good. The problem is that North America is the largest market.

malandra2825d ago

North America is the largest market but is not larger than the rest of the world put together

ChrisW2825d ago


True, North America only accounts for +/-45% of the sales.

fucadastates2826d ago

" the us" fixing the headline right there :)

Ahasverus2826d ago

That's what I hate so much about fanboys, they hype a game as its savior for years, and then if the score is not 95+ they don't buy it.

bunfighterii2826d ago

Too true.

Too much stock is always put into reviews by gamers. I blogged about it back when GT5 came out.

stephmhishot2825d ago

GT5 was given some of the harshest review treatment in the history of the industry, and yet I believe there were articles a day or two ago about how its sold 6.95 million so far.

Stealth20k2826d ago

And when you add america with europe and japan sony is number 2 and in a better position than the 360 as well in terms of games

Rage_S902826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

sony is domed -___-

EDIT: this is sarcasm ppl