Xbox offers free Halo Reach or Fable 3 with 12 month Xbox Live renewal

Gamers are being offered games such as Halo Reach and Fable 3 as an incentive to purchase a 12 month Xbox Live Gold Subscription.

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guigsy2824d ago

Dammit, I just bought Fable 3 last week, and my XBL subscription is due for renewal in March. I guess I could just get another copy of Reach and trade it in.

kreate2823d ago

i rather they let us play for free.
we deserve to play online for free since we already pay for internet and have to buy the game.

and we give good business to microsoft since we overpay on the HDD and buy games from the marketplace.

oh! but xbox fanboys love to pay microsoft just to pay them =(

LOGICWINS2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Great deal. Hopefully, they continue giving gamers incentives like this in the future. Good time to be an XBL subscriber :)

Bear_Grylls2824d ago

Bout time I'd say becuase it has never been good to be a subscriber of any game/service seeing as you have to pay to play.

Bout time M$ gave some back.

karl2823d ago

since xbox live doesnt cost MS anything u are actually just paying for the game..

but they let u play online in this case, but only for a year though

Blaze9292823d ago

Doesn't cost them anything? Lmao, I don't even..


Is this offer available for the UK? My gold runs out I 3 days...

B1663r2824d ago

Wow, another game for free... I already have a backlog of like 5 games I havent finished... for free. Whats with all the free games on xbox recently?

KillerPwned2824d ago

I may just upgrade to gold of MS is gonna give me a free game i been wanting to get reach for a long time.

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The story is too old to be commented.