Gamereactor UK: Ridge Racer Unbounded Interview

GRUK: We talk to Bugbear Entertainment about changing the rules of the road for Namco's classic racing series Ridge Racer in the upcoming destructive driving title Unbounded.

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Enigma_20992852d ago

Dear Namco... we don't NEED you to be another Burnout. We liked you just fine as you were.

morkendo232852d ago

hope its not like disasterious RIDGE RACER 6 OR WAS THAT 7?? drifting to much. hope it be like R-TYPE 4

Gen0ne2851d ago

That would be 7. RR6 was alright though.

Enigma_20992851d ago

You had a problem with drifting? That's the whole point of Ridge Racer, man!

morkendo232851d ago

must i really need to say back in the day ps1 ridge racer was not always drifting. non of my ridge racer games ps1's are difting. but hey im not on here to debate. if u say drifting then it is.

Enigma_20992850d ago

Hyper 360 cornering. Nuff said.

They just didn't have nitrous back then.

a_bro2852d ago