Dressed In A Bikini, Got A Free Copy Of Bulletstorm From EA

A gamer, in an effort to raise funds to purchase Bulletstorm posted a picture of himself in wearing a bikini. Much to his surprise, EA awarded his cross-dressing endeavours with a copy of the game.

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GavinMannion2824d ago

Yeah but the questions is it really worth the public humiliation?

gamingdroid2823d ago

I wouldn't do it, but it is all in good fun.

GrieverSoul2823d ago

These kind of things are all great and fun by now. But like stupid things people do in other times, this thing will come and bite you in the a$$ one day. A picture of a friend of mine still circles a powerpoint presentation of druken girls trough the web via friends emails. When that happened she thought it was hilarious. Right now its kinda of akward when a co worker comes up to her and say: "Hey... werent you the druken girl without pants..." I´ll leave the rest up to your imagination. ;)

AssassinHD2823d ago

He would only be humiliated if he allowed himself to feel humiliated. Discovering that other people cannot influence your feelings or self opinion without your consent is very liberating. I recommend it to everyone.

madara0sama2823d ago

He secretly loves it so its all good.

WobblyOnion2824d ago

People will pretty much do anything for free stuff. :P

Ognipode2824d ago

The things that some people do for man-porn

Roper3162823d ago

Maybe if he got a job you wouldn't need to make a complete ass to get the games he wants to play.

radphil2823d ago

You ever heard about joking around?

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