Killzone 3 - Patch 1.03 goes Live

Guerilla Games released the next Patch (v 1.03) for Killzone 3.

"Welcome to the first of several patches planned for Killzone 3! Along with updates to multiplayer, you can also expect to find fixes for the campaign and enhancements to other portions of the game, such as Playstation Move support, through future patches as well. To get the best Killzone 3 experience, be sure to keep Killzone 3 up to date, even if you plan to play offline."

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Rikuson12823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


ajeben8092823d ago

They'll patch it in later, for now im sure they're focused on getting the servers up and running smoothly.

SuperbVillain2823d ago

Which I feel they have done a great job at! That Beta really worked,without it the servers probably wouldn't be working right now.

Rival_312823d ago

I'd rather have good servers up as a priority. Ingame music kind of distracts you from the epic music the devs make for gamers anyway.

Rikuson12823d ago

No really, my music makes me play better (it gets me hyped up and stops me from getting mad if my team sucks and we are losing badly) i don't want to sit there in a quite match just hearing gun shots all the time. It one of my complaints about Uncharted 2 and one of my praises about Killzone 2 and Warhawk..

KRATOS-PS32823d ago

I have to wait till at least Friday till I can hold this game in my hands :(

HolyOrangeCows2822d ago

Same. This week has been dominated by my work and education.

Oh well....what better way to escape such an awful week?

DigitalRaptor2823d ago


Prepare for online co-op campaign patch. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't be on its way.

ajeben8092823d ago

I do, they've got more important things to focus on for now. Keep hoping though.

TheMysterion2823d ago

They said no. No more room or power or something. More likely in DLC like rdr did

Fil1012823d ago

same as the mute all button it really is a pain going through every single person besides that this is a pretty above average patch well done gerilla

bunfighterii2823d ago

I get this tomorrow morning, woo hoo!

KRATOS-PS32823d ago

go and play it for me too :D

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The story is too old to be commented.