Danish Game Awards Broadcasted LIVE On ZULU.DK!

Danish Game Awards celebrates and honors the best computer and console games from 2010 at the 25th of February - and of course is Streaming live from the big show at Bremen in Copenhagen.

Anders Breinholt hosts and you can enjoy the entertainment with particular Nordstrøm, Bryan Rice, Nabiha and a lot of cool presenters.

Before the show begins, you may find Thomas Bense from Go Morgen and David Guldager from TV 2 Beep on the red carpet.

The nominated games are found by a large vote, where more than 80,000 votes were cast. Similarly, the DGA jury selected the nominees for a number of special awards.

The transmission begins here Friday the 25th February at. 19.30 with interviews from the red carpet and the show broadcasted live from pm. 20 to 22


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InfectedDK2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Cool to host a show even though Denmark hasn't made any major games. Only games like Limbo, Kane & Lynch, Freedom Fighters and Hitman are Danish. That reminds me that I want Limbo on the PS3 :) So we can have sum Danish Dynamite on our monster system.

Oh! I just discovered this news.

jony_dols2823d ago

The Danes are the Canadians of Europe.

InfectedDK2823d ago

The Danes where the ones who got the first flag in the world. US citizens come from Europe, including Denmark. Some Danish last names are even to be found amongst the Americans. So I don't know what we Danes are but we are placed in the "North" just like Canada is, yes. Small country though but huge impact on a lot of dif. things globally as well.

fucadastates2823d ago

IO Interactive is shit, and this is nothing but a popularity contest. heavy rain for the win.

hvem hulen har fået dette på fronten?