Mass Effect 2 Fans Piece Together The Clues Of ‘Arrival’ DLC -StickTwiddlers

A post on the Official Bioware Forums yesterday uncovered the name and trophy/achievement details of the next Mass Effect 2 DLC but what could ‘Arrival’ be?

These details came from a PS3 patch for the action-adventure title which added three new trophies for an as of yet unreleased DLC pack, ‘Arrival’ but details from the PC ‘Alternate Appearance Pack 2′ may have allowed fans to piece together what to expect from ‘Arrival’ and a possible release date.

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outwar60102826d ago

the dilemma do i read and give into my mass effect addiction and ultimately spoil the game or do i be patient

distorted_reality2825d ago

There's not much to spoil so far tbh. Atm we know what system the DLC is based in, and some preliminary info on the story. Nothing major though.