Killzone 3: Secret Room/Glitch on Bilgarsk Boulevard Emerged

A secret room on Killzone 3's map Bilgarsk Boulevard has been detected.

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GrieverSoul2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Cant wait to see this getting out of proportion even though most multiplayer fps out there come with these type of glitches. Its fixable and its not something a sniper bullet cant handle.

ChronoJoe2826d ago

Eh, it's on the main street and takes like 15 seconds to get into. The other teams spawn is literally a doorway just the other side of that street and you have to get up there right infront of 'em. Might be doable if you are on the team who's spawn overlooks that area, but in that case it's barely usable anyway.

Seems the room below is just as tactically advantageous, if not more so.

hennessey862826d ago

2 days early, god bless

hennessey862826d ago

thought id try and make a few of u jealous is all lol

xAlmostPro2826d ago are awesome ;) mines coming today cant wait

hennessey862826d ago

im getting disagrees for saying my copy has arrived early

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ChristianGamer2826d ago

That is unnecessary damage control there soul. Nobody is going to blow this outta proportion. No need to get all defensive.
And why is it everytime a game has a problem or whatever, extremists go pointing out other games' problems as if it automatically fixes the glitch in question?

Fil1012826d ago

lol how is this a glitch, this is just another area u can get to by climbing up some bricks and steel

BabyTownFrolics2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Remember folks when other games have glitches, unbalanced classes, and spawn camping issuses it's a problem. Don't you dare speak I'll of killzone 3.

here go to the official community forums:


here is a topic from the forums about some of the issues in multiplayer that folks on n4g will pretend dont exist:



hey look a disagree, I purchased the game day one and I have been a fan since the first killzone, but I guess on N4G pointing out faults that folks would usually tear apart other games for is a no no.

my bad, killzone is perfect, does that make it all better?

beavis4play2826d ago

you have any more worthless,made-up, off-topic thoughts?

BabyTownFrolics2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

are you serious, go to the forums. this article is about a glitch in one of the maps, there are issues in the game that plenty of folks are experiencing. off topic my ass. look at my past comments, I have been as enthusiastic about kz 3 as anybody, but there are issues with the game that need to be addressed. issues that had they been on any other game folks would be going apeshit about. made up my ass, use your eyes and read.

spawn camping issues:


this is the last I'll say here as the disagrees are piling up even in the face of evidence. there is some serious sdf shit going on on N4G.

beavis4play2826d ago

if there are issues you've found in MP - then you should bring them up. that's how they get patched.
my reason for calling your comment worthless, made-up and off-topic is your "Don't you dare speak ill of killzone 3." you make it sound like fans of the the game (myself included - BIG fan) don't look at the issues and will criticize those who bring them up. yea - the people saying the SP campaign only lasts 4-5 hours are idiots - it's and 8-10 hr. game. but MP issues surely exist - it's hard to get everything perfect at the beginning.

your comment lost credibility with your last sentence of your original post. it was VERY unnecessary.

Mmmkay2826d ago

i completed the sp in 5h20min yesterday on normal or whatever it's called.... on my first playthrough. so no, it's not a 10 hour game.

beavis4play2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Mmmkay - uh, yea - it is. i played through and throughly enjoyed the game. ACTUAL time by my wall clock took me almost 10 hr in 2 different play sessions.

your "i beat the game in 4-5hr" remarks are repeated by a few people during every big game release (regardless of console). if we went by what people like you say - EVERY game would be 4-5 hrs.

it took me almost 10 hrs and i enjoyed it.

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GiggMan2826d ago

Wow people go around looking for this type of stuff?

Fil1012826d ago

lol yeah i usually go around looking for people to shoot, does this mean i've been playing it the wrong way it's no wonder my K/D ratio sux