Saints Row 2 scans from EGM

The Saints Row 2 scans from the latest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly show some new images from the game.

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REbirth4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

it looks crap...

KoolMan4096d ago

this is really bad graphics. no way it comes close with GTA4.

HeartlesskizZ4096d ago

GTA and the Getaway 10x better then this not to mention 2days2vegas

Que8134096d ago

wasnt 2 days to vegas canned? or is that something else that was similar im confusing?

also, how can the getaway be better? the game is like 5 years old and it shows.. and please dont include black monday, that game was horrible

but SR2 looks good, it wont be winning any awards for graphics, but i enjoyed the first one a lot for what it was. YAY BLOOD NOW! haha

InMyOpinion4096d ago

I'm not worried. The first Saints Row had really crisp textures, gorgeous lighting and overall looked great. This is probably at an early stage. Can't wait to see what features it will have, the first one had some features character creation, insurance fraud, clothing options etc that really stood out. And the physics engine was also great.

THAMMER14096d ago

The 1st saits Row was actually pretty good. I beat the game and got my King ping rank. I'll be picking this up along with GTA4.

This game is not in comp. with GTA4 but I am noticing people trying to make that happen. I think people should stop this one vs the other B.S. it is getting old.

Young Capwn4096d ago

I kinda liked SR better than GTA....

DreDawgg064096d ago

*You can grab a gang member hostage and use him as a shield and also make the other gang members stop shooting.(If you wish you can throw the hostage off a building or into oncoming traffic)

*You can now fire two single handed weapons at the same time ala Halo 2-3.

*New weapons include, Satchel charges, remote detonated explosives stick to anything.
Laser-guided rocket launchers like Halflife2.

*New vehicles include, Motorcycles and Monster trucks, Planes and helicopters and boats.

*Earn cash and respect points by doing crazy things that include but are not limited to, car surfing, shooting people in the nuts which has a great animation that encourages such actions.

*Instant Co-op is available, Just drop in anytime in your buddies game and have twice the carnage. Best of all is the online MMORPG elements included in the deathmatch. All the elements from single player will be included, Missions, activities creating an online gang warfare.

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The story is too old to be commented.