Dragon Age 2: PC Demo Crash Fix

If you played the entire demo without the game crashing to your desktop then you're one of the lucky ones. My game crashed three times until I finally had to go on the web in search of a remedy. These crashes will come at random but mostly during a cut scene.

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NickN4G2823d ago

I was playing the demo on my PS3. It plays like those old Lord of the Rings games on PS2. Not what I was expecting for a Bioware RPG.

Kon2823d ago

Still need to download the demo.

WhiteNoise2823d ago

The demo works fine in DX9, there is a dx11 bug, bioware has advised to use dx9 only.

awi59512823d ago

I played on pc im kind of annoyed. I didnt get any crashes but this console crap of only letting you que up only one power per party member is B.S. On Pc dragon age orgins you could que up like 4 or 5 powers this is B.S. I want the power bar back man this makes me mad.

awi59512823d ago

Man im i mean to say kotor wrong game lol.

searzocom2816d ago

umm in da:o you can only que up one command, im playing thru the original right now -,-