Gamasutra Interview: Guerrilla On 3D, Motion Control And Improving Narrative In Killzone 3

Gamasutra spoke with Guerrilla Games' Steven ter Heide to discuss Killzone 3, and how the team strove to not only support new technologies like 3D and motion control, but to create characters that players could relate to.

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2824d ago Replies(2)
Black102WingS2824d ago

Killzone 3, worth every penny :)

SuicideShaun2824d ago

The game is ok, but it shows a lack in detail, especially throughout the story line. They could have done better. Hype ruined this game too. Who'da thunk?

Spitfire_Riggz2823d ago

Lack in detail in what way? I think your going for a deeper meaning because everything is detailed in that game visual wise. Thanks

SuicideShaun2823d ago

Did I say visual wise? No, there is a lot they could do to build the story and game better.


Spitfire_Riggz2823d ago

Jesus thats why i asked if you were going for a deeper meaning. I said thanks for the reply. But yeah "thanks" a lot.

Balt 2824d ago

Killzone 3 is phenomenal! That is that. Out of all the junk fps that have saturated the market this gen, this one gets it right. I was floored when I finished my 1st session last night. The single player is jaw dropping. I laugh when people give scores of 9 and 10 to halo, cod and the abotion that is bulletstorm and never deduct points for story, which they all lack sold ones. No, it's al about the multiplayer with them games. Yet no one hardly even mentions it on killzone 3 reviews.

It is as if they hyped the game up so much that the only way left to go was down. I say to those who chose to listen to them reviews, you missed out.