Thompson & Son At It Again… Says Junior Bought Halo 3 at Target

In a press release issued late yesterday, Thompson claims that his 15-year-old son has once again purchased an M-rated (17 and older) game at a South Florida retailer:

"Miami attorney and anti-violent video game activist today did a successful sting on Target Corporation. His fifteen-year-old son, on the first try, was able to buy the "Mature-rated" Halo 3 without producing any age ID at the Dadeland Station Target."

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xhi44100d ago

should be arrested for buying a copy of an M rated video game illegally........that kid deserves a bullet.

Evil0Angel4100d ago

to get the gay porn pictures which he filed in the court files.

Silver3604100d ago

To monitor and stop his children from being exposed to things that he disapproves of? Man what a lousy Father!!!!

AzaziL4100d ago

Um, shouldn't he be targeting target and not the game, it was their fault for selling it to an underaged kid. And it's great we don't see him sending his kid to get booze or cigarettes, which too can be done even at 15 (there's always someone that'll sell) as if stopping video games is a greater priority then underaged drinking and smoking combined.

Thompson is just a lame attention whore with nothing more on his mind then self-exposure.

nix4100d ago

darn! what was Target thinking??? just gave a reason to this idiot to bash gaming industry.

HateBoy4100d ago

They were thinking "There comes Jack Thompsons son, quick sell him anything, we'll get shiatloads of free advertising from this, yessss"

360Jamaican40GigFL4100d ago

y is this guy trying so hard what a loser

Vip3r4100d ago

LOL that picture is class.

Saint Sony4100d ago

Ratings are there for a reason. I don't think it is good to let minors to play really violent games.

Anyhow, Jack Thompson is a moron.

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The story is too old to be commented.