FIFA 08: CVG Review

It's almost boring repeating the annual mantra, but FIFA 08 sure does look purdy. Though some of the players still sport waxen masks of which Madame Tussaud's would be proud, they move wonderfully, and the actual presentation is slicker than Sky Sports, with its fancy cinematic camera angles and textbook commentary from Messrs Tyler and Gray. Squint a bit and it looks and sounds almost real.

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HeartlesskizZ3947d ago

you beat me to it, I would have love to post this. I hate FIFA 100% since FIFA 02. PES all the way!!!

jromao3947d ago

They keep telling the gap to PES is closing but this last demos for Fifa 08 and PES 2008 shows exactly the gap is bigger than ever.

Imalwaysright3947d ago


Fifa sucks PES FTW

sgaap3947d ago

But it just looks awful on a HDTV. It's just what you are used to I think. I've played fifa the last few months and I couldn't get used to PES anymore...

RageofReaper3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

i do. and i loved pro evo for years, but this year its forgotten its supposed to be a proper football sim and i might aswell be in an arcade somehwere. i like fifa. i feel a little ashamed, but i just dont care. its fun, its nice looking, its next gen. and its closer to football then anything ive ever played.

this year, fifa wins for me. but il always love pro evo for all its done, and maybe next year it'll pull me back in.

devilsadvocate3947d ago

Has fifa 08 ps3 been delayed???? I ask because I cant find a ps3 review of it ANYWHERE!!!! gamespot, ign, cvg, they all link to xbox360 review of the game. I want to know what it is like on ps3