Two Worlds II re-dated, Amazon only

Eurogamer: "The good news: Two Worlds II will be released in the UK. The bad news: you won't be able to buy it in a high street shop."

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ChronoJoe2823d ago

What a terrible, terrible publisher.

I can't imagine that going down well either other retailers, or consumers. Only beneficiary is amazon, how stupid.

lucifon2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Such a shame for the developers Reality Pump. After playing the UK version for review now for over 20 hours these guys have improved significantly upon the original in almost every possible way. I've been having a blast with it!

Instead Topware manage to make the UK launch an absolute fiasco. The game is destined to sell very poorly here. GG Topware...

Andronix2823d ago

Hi Lucifon. Is the UK release of Two Worlds II different from the version of Two Worlds II which was released in mainland Europe last year?

lucifon2823d ago

It certainly is on the disk, whether or not they've since patched the Mainland Europe version up to the same level since then I sadly can't tell you Andronix. The developers informed me all the latest updates etc are on the disk for the UK PAL version.

Lamarthedancer2823d ago

Well it can't be that good if thats the case

scruffy_bear2823d ago

What a joke had to move my order to Amazon, getting sick of the way they treating UK gamers.

SuperSaiyan42823d ago

I have played the full version of this game LEGAL copy which I purchased online. All I can say its complete TRIPE of a game.

Want something great? Wait for Dragon Age 2.