Anarchy Reigns Story Mode Detailed

Andriasang: "Platinum and Sega unveiled Anarchy Reigns (known in Japan as Max Anarchy) a couple of weeks back but didn't really provide solid details on the game. Famitsu has just what we're looking for this week, with first details on the game's background story and story mode."

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Venox20082824d ago

don't make an open world game :) ...oh man, I want a real Madworld 2 game.. this looks different in a bad way for me, but time will tell... maybe I was wrong.. :)

MrChow6662824d ago

would be cool to see Sam Gideon and Bayonetta here

Kalowest2824d ago

Platinum is making and releasing games pretty fast.

Venox20082824d ago

I hope that it will be a good games, and PLEASE RELEASE BAYONETTA 2!!!! :)

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