PSN Game Archives Tops 600 Titles

Andriasang: Sony issued notice today of somewhat of a feat for the domestic Game Archives service. The retro download service has, as of today, topped the 600 title mark in domestic releases.

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RememberThe3572828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

Thats a crap load of games I haven't played.

Now if only we could see those numbers in the states.

Balt 2828d ago

Too bad they don't have more PS3 games -- Sly Cooper Collection, for one. I'd love to buy Civ Rev on the network, I'd probably play it more often if it was a DL game actually. I'd sell my physical copy in a second.

And how about more PSP games that people want?

Corrwin2828d ago

Where did you learn English, son?

If you can't write formally, don't.

ChronoJoe2828d ago (Edited 2828d ago )

I think judging by authors name, and the website. English is probably a the authors secondary language.

The website deals with reporting Japanese, stuff, to English speaking readers... considering it's pretty specialist I don't think there regular readers are going to give a shit about his English provided it's comprehensible.

dalibor2828d ago

Keep them coming. PSN will keep on growing. Now get some PS2 games on there...