14 new Tales of Xillia screens

Fourteen new screenshots have been released for the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive role-playing game, Tales of Xillia.

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Infiny2823d ago

Looks pretty.

However... will it comes out in the west? i'm tired of waiting those games to get here.

Lavalamp2823d ago

That's entirely dependent on whether or not Tales of Graces F sells well enough in the west. So speak with your wallet, my friend.

Infiny2823d ago

hahaha, indeed... But i dont expected to sell much, unfortunately... =/ Those JRPG aren't selling very well nowadays in the west, take Atelier Rorona for example, acording to VGchartz (lol) it sold around 200k in America (which is great) and 50k in Europe (which is bad).

Anyway... i know i'll be getting it for sure, love some JRPG (but i must be good of course).

Redempteur2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )


you pick the wrong example and the wrong source.

First vg chartz is unreliable.
Second rorona is in a even nicher genre than the tales of games and the ateliers ( games ) don't sell that much

Third nis america was satisfied by the numbers because they know those things there is little doubt totori ( the sequel ) won't come ..because the overall reception was very positive.

Fourth .don't use Vg chartz dammit !

fifth namco isn't nis but they seems to have understood the message with Graces F. if it sell well ( for what it is ), xillia will come.

don't use vg charts numbers especially for niche titles..

Kte2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

yea but then again Atelier was just poor and I had no idea what the game was about lol I think Tales of graces will change once released in the west but then again its true most JRPGS don't sell that good in the west :/ I like them for one (hated Atelier sorry) but i like most of them

ThanatosDMC2823d ago

Damn website is jack full of popups and spam. Cant enjoy the article or the pictures.