5 Reasons Dead Island could be the Best Game Ever

Zombies games have quite literally, been done to death by now. There are a few games like the Left 4 Dead series that have still managed provide gamers with a thoroughly entertaining experience, but the genre on its own hasn’t really evolved a lot. With Dead Island, developer Techland are traversing territory that’s never been explored, fusing multiple genres to create one ambitious game. Expectations are sky high but if they manage to pull it off, Dead Island could be the best game ever. And here are five reasons why.

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HebrewHammer2855d ago

And I have about 20 reasons why it wont...

EYEamNUMBER12855d ago

i really don't get how people get excited about cgi trailers that show absolutely nothing

i say its gonna end up being just another game nothing special
heck i sometimes think section 8

Perjoss2855d ago

there have also been some screenshots released, not just a cgi movie.

first image in particular looks awesome.

showtimefolks2855d ago

which has a great story not some 72hrs or anything.

you are a police officer/cashier/computer engineer etc,,,, life is normal than one day something happens and the government hasn't said in 72hrs exit or you will die or left behind. instead the government is also trying to find out what happend who is responsible and trying to help get people out safe who are still alive and not infected.

your family get's infected you have 2 children who you lost along with your wife the shock has left you sad/mad thinking about doing stupid things or just want to know who is behind this and take revenge.

there are gun shops and stuff you have to eat like a normal human being to live so HERE THE GAME GIVES YOU FIRST OPTION:

either stay calm help the people out who are not infected and bring food and supplies to the survivors, and help them try to get to a area where they can leave via the government choppers.

or you can go all out break gun shops and stuff and start killing all the zombies till the city/state runs out of ammo. THE WORLD SHOULD BE AS BIG AS JUST CAUSE 2 OR GTA:SA BUT LITTLE BIGGER THAN GTA:SA.

and from there the game gives you the options like mass effect where almost every choice has a consequence.

than while looking for answers you find out its the government's fault they were doing some research on a new bio weapon and it went wrong from there so now its one man again the country's government plus you can RECRUIT others who have lost everyone or are mercenaries to join you and finish the job

no 72hrs like dead rising 2 or no top down shooter like dead nation and countless.

you can survive as long as there are guns in your city or ways for you to survive. plus as long as there is some source of non infected food for you to survive. water becomes more valuable than any amount of money, or you can leave the city anytime on a boat/chopper etc,,,,and start a new life etc,,,,

you can give your idea for a zombie game like GTA and story like mass effect etc,,,,where the subject matters not just kill random dudes and get out in time to survive

ZombieAssassin2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Best game ever i doubt it but best zombie game maybe, gotta wait till we see some in-depth gameplay.

Something ive been wondering, is this going to be a full retail game or download?

F4sterTh4nFTL2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

and some gorgeous screenshots

bwazy2855d ago

Anyone hear if there's gonna be any co-op aspects to the game? Like, can your buddy just hop online and join your world? If so, then this game would be a rock solid 10/10 from me (that's if they get everything else down of course lol).

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The story is too old to be commented.