Retro Review: Why Zelda: Ocarina of Time is still the greatest | Digitally Downloaded

In part, Ocarina of Time's initial success was due to the sheer impact the move to 3D had on the series. At a time where the industry was still learning the ropes with 3D, Ocarina of Time provided many Nintendo owners with their first near-open world 3D adventure. By comparison to what had come before, those first tentative steps on to the huge field of Hyrule were epic and filled with promise.

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Perjoss2826d ago

Zelda OoT is one of the games I am most ashamed to never have played, Beyond Good and Evil comes a close second place.

I have hope though, i will pick up OoT on the 3DS, and there is a HD remake of BGaE incoming too.

Burning_Finger2826d ago

I like Zelda and all..but the series getting overrated and stale over the years..

The Original ZELDA(NES) still ranked the best Zelda ever.

Horny2826d ago

Ocarina of Time is still the greatest game of all time IMO.

browngamer42826d ago

Love this game! @burning finger-aint a damn thing "overrated" about this series..quit hatin!