More Battlefield 3 screenshots emerge

German game magazine Gamestar reveals more screenshots from Battlefield 3.

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Shackdaddy8362824d ago

The graphics are amazing. This is gonna be an epic game...

Hydrolex2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

those graphics actually look nothing compared to Uncharted 3 and killzone 3... so I don't know wth happened to our next gen game there

Not mentioning that those are touched screens or PC screens !

Pandamobile2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Lol. Blissfully ignorant PS3 fanboy.

Let me know when the KZ3 and U3 can look this pretty with 64 players in a massive, fully destructible environment.

Hydrolex2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

stfu with that FAN FAN crap... I said what is a fact ! I don't like KZ3 but KZ3 has incredible graphics...

EA hypes alot

And we are talkin about graphics here, graphic wise I don't see any next gen game ! I wasn't talkin about MP, or destructible environment or any of that ! I'm a graphic whore

evrfighter2824d ago

ouch using games plagued with jaggeds and horrible textures as examples.

you'd have more progress debating with a brick wall.

chak_2824d ago

I can see killzone 3 miles under the ground from here

Redman222824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Hey Hydrolex from one PS3 fanboy to another STFU and stop trying to start shit. Thanks.

DICE and Sony have a nice little partnership going and I don't want anything fucking with that so find another issue to troll.


Anything is possible on PC hardware with top of the line graphics cards and the fastest CPUs but what ND and GG manage to create on the PS3 deservers credit/respect so chill the fuck out homie.

Currently I"m playing BC2 Vietnam and loveing the fuck-out-of-the-gameplay.

I'm done with COD, Killzone 3 took it's place and I'm loving ever min of MP action. Fuck Yeah.

Hydrolex2824d ago


LOL ! Battlefield 2 games had screen tearings and jaggies all over the place... wth are you talkin about ?

EA is good at touching screens and making them look The Game of The Year ! yayy lmao

Firstkn1ghT2824d ago

Oh baby. This is the reason why I'm building a monster gaming PC. Definitely best graphics on a massive scale by far. Nothing comes close.

Lol @ Killzone comments. Dude, keep that blurry low texture mess out of this conversation.

SuicideShaun2824d ago

What does killzone and uncharted have to do with battlefield? Troll somewhere.

gman77222824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Hydrolex are you trippin?? Are you a gamer or a hater? Seems like the latter to me. I'm playing KZ3 right now and the game is awesome, looks awesome too. It's a great game, and I can guarantee you that Battlefield 3 is going to be a great game as well. So instead of saying shit like these graphics look better than this or this game has prettier lighting, why don't we just talk about all the freakin awesome games us as gamers are all getting

Bear_Grylls2824d ago

HAHAHAHA, oh man you get so real ignorant pricks out there don't you?

Someone really loves his PS3, so blindly in love he can't see past thew hype. Here's a tissue buddy take a whipe.

DX11 tessellation baby, not even on the PS4 or 720.

HeavenlySnipes2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

don't look amazing but they are great considering the fully destructible eniroments.

Oh and don't bash KZ3, is this blurry to you?

KRATOS-PS32824d ago

Actually, Hydrolex is right. BF3 looks great but compared to Killzone 3 or the upcoming Uncharted 3 it does not come close. And why he should be trolling!? BF3 will be released on PS3 too. PS3 Exclusives is where the Next-Gen starts, don't believe it!? Play it!

waterboy2824d ago

to say whats not possible on ps4 is dumb especially when alot more is still possible on ps3 being as sony has no ps4 plans yet sony knows ps3 still has alot more life left, dx11 is microsoft anyway ps4 wont have it, oh well big whoop, tesselation? lol by the time ps3 is done i wont really care of it

Pandamobile2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Jesus Christ... PS3 fanboys get more retarded by the day.

They see a gorgeous game that just so happens to not be a PS3 exclusive and they get their backs up, all defensive.

Do you people actually think that your 6 year console is the pinnacle of modern gaming hardware when the a lot of the guts of it are based off of PC hardware from 2005-6?

We've had 5 years to evolve and progress forward. A high-end video card has many times more computing power than the entire PS3 system. From what we've seen so far, DICE are about to unleash a shit-ton of that power for the PC version of Battlefield 3.

64 players? Check
Giant maps? Check
First engine to fully utilize DirectX 11? Check
8+ CPU core support? Check
Fully destructible buildings? Check

Best multiplayer game ever? Likely.

Bear_Grylls2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )


People still believe that a console game can match a PC game graphically?

When are you going to get it through you heads that KZ2/3, UC1/2/3, HR, Gears1/2/3, Halo, Crysis 2 (console version) etc. all look good but are not shit comapred to anything PC. In terms of tech it's just not there and anyone who disagrees is a BLIND FANYBOY full stop.

I am going to run BF3 in 1920:1080 FULL HD and I am going to run all the setting max in DX11, not like the chopped up version off DX9 the consoles use. While I am at it I will force my AMD card into overdrive and run the AA 24 or maybe 32 for just that extra niceness.

Then I am going to go play KZ3 (720p) on my PS3 and laugh at your comments. Looks good yes but better NOW FUCKING WAY FANYBOYS

@ DeadlyFire

Yeah I know that and I feel that the console version is giving the gamers the middle finger as far as I am concerned. 24 players without dedicated servers and 720p is a joke when we will enjoy 64 with no lag with huge graphics difference. They should have left the console version out and just made them a Bad Company 3 instead of tease people with an unfinished version. But I'm not getting it on my PS3 so IDC anyway.

As for the 720 getting DX11 or better just becasue Microsoft owns the label is a joke. MS have cut corners and penny pinched at every corner and never done much to improve the platfrom other than new interfaces that are not all that good. Alot of money goes on advertising that should go on development and the 720 will be the next gimp box if MS has their way again.

DeadlyFire2824d ago

These screens are very likely in-game PC screens. Judging from what I have seen of the game engine. Its very possible.

The console may come close, but I am sorry. It doesn't equate to the same level. This Console generation's graphics are hitting their absolute maximum within this year and next year.

PS4 and X720 will feature Tech that is todays standard or better more than likely. To say DirectX 11 will not be on X720 is just plain stupid. Microsoft owns DirectX, Xbox Brand, and its 100% likely a new form of DirectX will be on the next Xbox. Currently Xbox 360 uses DirectX 9. As for the PS4. Its very likely to sport Open GL or another tech that is very equal to DirectX 11 or better.

Of course none of this matters as neither console has yet to say anything about a new generation.

@Both of you.
You two do know that Battlefield 3 is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360 as well right?

bwazy2824d ago


Dude, im on your side. I mean, if my mommy didn't buy me a $3000 gaming rig, i'd be pissed off and flame on some forums too.

Its universal knowledge that the PC can generate better graphics/performance than all the consoles combined. Yes KZ3 looks great (for a console game). But thats all it will be, a console game. It's gonna die within 2 years, where as battlefield 3 will be around for the next 6+.

KRATOS-PS32824d ago


PC Fanboy - Check
Sad Fool - Check
proud of his expensive PC-Hardware - Check
has no games to play - Check
thinks he's knowing everything but sucks - Check

best troll here on N4G ever - likely

Tr10wn2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Why PS3 fanboys can't face the facts?

starchild2824d ago

Are you blind? Killzone 3 is so overrated. So many jaggies and low res textures everywhere. Crysis 2 and Battlefield 3 are so many miles ahead it isn't even funny.

zeksta2824d ago

Retarded much?

I have a PS3, and own one, but this game it-self is massive all out warfare, I've been following Battlefield since the start, and this is a great achievement in Graphics and with 32-64 graphics like these are hard to experience on consoles and PC's.

captain-obvious2824d ago

lets hope that those are in game
but since its on DX11
i think it is in game

blumatt2824d ago

I can't wait for this game. I quite enjoyed Battlefield BC2 on PS3. It was fun and the destructibility is nice.

S_C2824d ago

i argree with you on the Uncharted 3 graphics as i think that series is brilliant but does every killzone 3 lover have to bring it into every single article on this site, its really getting tedious now

SJPFTW2824d ago

how can Killzone 3 be graphics king when it has no destructable environments and has corridor, linear like levels? Battlefield has full destruction plus open and expansive levels? Not to mention BF3 looks better and feels more realistic

NiKK_4192824d ago

why is everyone comparing pc games with console games? i don't think anyone believes KZ3 will look better than BF3 on PC, but i doubt BF3 will look like that on consoles, can't we all just agree that BF3 will look better than KZ3 on PC, but on consoles, i'm sure KZ3 will still look better than BF3, i'm sure BF3 will come close though, and i hope it does i can't wait to play BF3

frostypants2824d ago

Why can't both Uncharted 3 AND this game look awesome? Why the competition? They're completely different games.

I'm buying both.

ComboBreaker2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Looks comparable to MW2. Nowhere near Uncharted 3's level of graphics.

Gotta admire the 64 players support on the PC though. But then again, you gonna have to buy a $2,000 PC with 8 gigs of RAM just to be able to play BF3 on the PC anyway.

Not only that, all my friends are on the PS3 anyway, so it's no fun for me to play it on the PC anyway.

ATiElite2824d ago

Come on don't feed the troll. hydrolex is just going for the record of the most disagrees ever.

If anyone and I mean anyone still believes the consoles are superior to a PC after viewing those glorious 20 seconds of mind blowing graphics...needs to be ejected into outer space without a space suit.

sure the Ps3 is the greatest console ever but NOTHING can compare to PC Gaming. never mind the True Next Gen graphics of BF3, can you even comprehend the EPIC SCALE of the game.

MAG was pretty good doing the scale of the game but BF3 with naval warfare is gonna smash everything. go shovel snow, work overtime, recycle cans, do whatever it takes to get a gaming PC and get BF3 PC this fall because anything else is UNCIVILIZED!!

2824d ago
Nightshadow2824d ago

LoL @Hydrolex Frostbite engine 2.0 is next-gen with its full dx11 support.

Saying that the graphics look 'nothing' compared to other games is absurd. Bubble down for your ignorance.

bunfighterii2824d ago

Everyone touches up screens- no game ever looks as good as screen shots do when you get it home and onto your console/PC.

coojo2824d ago

you retard even crysis 1 looks better then kz3 and uncharted 3 Kappa.

Killzoned2824d ago

Wow i can't believe you just said that, I love Uncharted and the Killzone series but to say BF3 on PC looks nothing compared to those titles?

Are you serious? I love my PS3 and my KZ3 but COME ON BE SERIOUS. BF3 on PC blows anything on Consoles and this is coming from a big time console gamer

Big_Dom2823d ago (Edited 2823d ago )

Go get yourself checked out, mate. I'm fairly certain a doctor will find that you're either mentally lacking, or mentally ill, much like of the rest of the PS3 fanboy spastics that spout bullshit.

This game blows the doors and hinges off of anything out there visually. The PS3 and 360 versions won't get anywhere near close to the visual quality seen in these screens and the trailer, which some even doubt is real. That's how good it looks.

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MWong2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

The graphics do look epic, I am just waiting to see some actual in game footage though. I never played the series until BC1 (single player), but if DICE pushes that envelope and makes everything work properly this game will kill COD.

damnyouretall2824d ago

when mw3 comes out this year it prob wont get good reviews. i think its the perfect time for b3 to take top spot online across all platforms

MWong2824d ago

Gotta agree MW/COD series to me is getting to watered down to me. This little teaser looks awesome.

PR0X12824d ago

PS3 fanboys need a bad reality check man...

PC = PS4 XBOX720 now. The console you are playing is LAST GEN NOW.

ALL games on ANY fucking console is upscaled 720p crap with 0xAA and blur as far as the eye can see.

BF3 = GOTY on PC that is.

I own both 360 and ps3. But for the graphics the PC rapes both of them, badly...

Dart892824d ago

That looks nice.Can't wait hope they do a midnite release.

Otheros002824d ago

I like how the lighting looks realistic.
The right guy's leg in this pic looks weird. It's probably a just bug.

Pandamobile2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Probably part of the new procedural animation system.

Side effect of having more natural and blending animations is sometimes you get over extended/flexed limbs. Hard to notice in games, easy to spot in screenshots.

Shackdaddy8362824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Ya. I didn't notice that until you pointed it out...

I wonder if thats a cut scene or real game-play cus he is crouching lower than the other guys. Maybe you bend over more if your behind lower cover? That would be pretty cool. They said the game would have really good animations after all...

Shackdaddy8362824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Oh. Also notice how the back of the helmet on one pic says "camp". That means you can write on your helmet right? I'm gonna say "You MoFO!" so I dont have to waste my time typing when a person walks up behind me and knifes me in the back. He will know what I feel about him :)

bwazy2824d ago

I'm dying to see some non cut-scene pictures....

bwazy2824d ago

I'm still new to this site, but honestly, why disagree? Are you happy seeing prerendered screenshots of the game? I'd love to see a video, or a 1st person perspective with your HUD visible.

Tenkin2824d ago

I think it is a cut scene as they all have the same level of quality as the second shot which is obviously a cut scene

Pandamobile2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Was there not at least one first-person screenshot from the Game Informer article a couple weeks back?

I doubt they're cut scenes. Just rendered gameplay screens.

bwazy2824d ago

Key word is rendered.

Theres always a noticeable difference. And while it was 1st person, there was no hud. Therefore making it more cut scene than anything... Until proven otherwise.

Pandamobile2824d ago

Rendered meaning a very high resolution screenshot. Not a CGI render that has nothing to do with the actual game/engine.

DICE would not be showing off a pre-rendered cut scene for a game like BF3.

These are in-game. Look back at every single DICE-released screenshot for Bad Co. 2, and that's almost exactly what the PC version of the game looked like. These days, there's no point in releasing screenshots that don't actually depict the in-game graphics, unless you've got a LOT to hide.

bwazy2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yes I can Google a definition as well. However to say that these photos are not touched up or are purely in game footage is very VERY unlikely. Most of the factors in those photos are definitely from cut scenes (not likely that your going to see your squad planning around a map mid fight).

Will see some real footage within a few months. Then will see who gets the last comment....

Oh your out of bubbles.... look at that. ^_^