Halo 3 Skulls (12 out of 13) and Terminals (7)

A video clearly showing the locations of 12 of the 13 skulls. (No one knows where IWHBYD skull is yet.) It also shows the 7 terminals that need to be accessed to get the Marathon man achievement.

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Jdash244067d ago

oh boy...........the one skull i need........if anyone finds it.......message me please

eurocro4066d ago

I HAVE HAD ALL THE SKULLS BUT 1 TILL YESTURDAY !!!.... visit my bungie.. search for EURO CRO gamertag and rate my screen shots ;) thx !

halo2kewl4u3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

if you haven't already found it, you have to go to the level "the covenant" start from the beginning blah blah blah and go to the ring citadel, kill the prophet of truth and the flood,hop through the rings, there is a specific order you have to go to through to get the skull, that order is 4, 6, 5, 4, 5, 3, 4. There are an official 8 rings in the room, the one closest to the prophet does not count toward the rings u jump through. If you do it right, the rings should light up. and the skull will be in the floor in front of the light bridge. Not sure if it has to be on legendary, but do it on legendary first, so you dont waste ur time.