Time Crisis 4: Swarmy New Videos

Namco Bandai has just released some fresh footage of Time Crisis 4 to get your arcade juices flowing prior to its PS3 release - yes, despite the PS2 look of them - has been promised they are PS3. SPOnG has the goods below.

Be warned, however, if you're not too fond of bugs this is going to be an unpleasant experience for you, because below you'll find bugs a-plenty. Don't worry, you'll still find the shooty-shooty goodness you've come to love (or hate, depending on your aptitude at calibrating a light gun), but the creatively-named bug-like biological weapon known as 'Terror Bite' is there in force too to subvert the norms of conventional warfare.

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feejo4056d ago

WOW, the question is WOULD IT DOES ONLINE.