Dragon Age II PS3 Demo – First Five Minutes HD

Want a sneak peek at Dragon Age II before it comes out on March 8th? Check out the first five minutes of the demo to get a taste for what’s to come.

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RudeSole Devil2765d ago

Good post but what a terrible excerpt.

ChineseDemocracy2765d ago

I think I might pick up the inevitable "Ultimate" or "GOTY" edition. There are way too many other great games coming out... And I just blew 70 clams on KZ3 :P

MaxXAttaxX2765d ago

Seems to run more smoothly this time around.
(also, facial animations are kind of odd)

MightyMark4272765d ago

Played the demo and it feels more like an action RPG

KRATOS-PS32765d ago

How do you play Dragon Age 2. Like Gothic and Two Worlds? How is the gameplay?

Myst2765d ago

Have you played Marvel Ultimate Alliance? If not umm think of it as X being the attack, you can't hold it or press it once you must continue to keep pressing x. The other buttons are your special skills and the radical menu can be brought up again like in the previous version through L2 and R2.

The animations are rather good for some of the attacks as well. So if you have played DA:O you can throw that concept out as it is nothing like it or NWN. In a way it feels a hybrid between an action game in a sense and a tactical one. As you still manage your team mates, and I did not see an auto level up. Not sure if it was due to the demo or it just being scrapped.

Either way the game is really nice. I was going to pass on it, but curiosity got the best of me. Tried the demo loved it now I'm going to pay for it :(

jbl3162765d ago

Man...Dragon Age is one of those games I've yet to play. Should play the first one before I start with this one.

WildArmed2765d ago (Edited 2765d ago )

Yes, definitely play the first one.
Pick up the Ultimate edition for the platform of your choice.
One of the best WRPGs I've played this gen

Chris3992765d ago

But it felt like a sloppy PC port. The animations were stilted, there were serious frame-rate issues and the effects were bland.

I had no intention of buying DA: 2 until the GOTY edition came out. The demo changed my mind. One of the only demos that has ever done that to me as a consumer - most of them turn me off buying :) They really streamlined and cleaned up EVERYTHING. Too many damn hacknslash and RPGS to buy. My wallet is on FIRE :)

WildArmed2765d ago

Ugh, the first one wasn't doing many wonders on PC either, until we got a few good patches from Bioware.
Now the game runs good, w/ almost all of it's hitches gone.

This time around they built the game for the console player (loved the streamlined action)..
so they ME2-ified it.

I loved DA:O for it's lore/story, but they improved the combat so i'm happy as I can be.
Thou I do hope they retain some of the difficulty from DA:O

RBdrift2765d ago

I think you'd be missing a lot of useful background information not playing Dragon Age Origins. I just played the DA2 demo and Flemeth appeared and she's a pretty important character in Origins.
Dragon Age Awakening isn't as good as Origins but still worth playing through also.

Visari2765d ago

More like Dragon Effect 2. I'll pass on this. Hopefully they pull their fingers out of their ass and make a TRUE Dragon Age: Origins sequel.

MightyMark4272765d ago

I thought this game is a sequel to origins? ;o

WildArmed2765d ago

Technically the story runs parallel to the DA:O story ;)

ShadyDevil2765d ago

Nice, Looks pretty good.

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