Dino D-Day Beta: Nazi Velociraptors are Really Happening

We might all be speaking German right now if Hitler had resurrected a dinosaur army as planned. Thankfully it's only going down in the Steam store.

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Kakihara2825d ago

Great concept or the greatest concept??

Slimshadyn2825d ago

Just great concept, this is the greatest concept

Relientk772825d ago

Clicked your linked

my mind exploded


Craptain_Steel2825d ago




mrv3212825d ago

The Nazi's did some crazy stuff... like I mean like crazy, if they'd won we'd be looking at MASSIVE stellar death rays; 1,500 tonne tanks... Space ships etc.

This film was based off and I quote what was believed to be ANTI-GRAVITY vehicles well from what the russians could tell. The Nazi's where so high on cocaine most of the time Hitler probably just offed himself because he believed he'd surive. I'm not even kidding, I know I sound impressed but from a purely mathematical and physics side of things war does breed a lot of inavation and funding. Manhatten project for example. The ONLY reason we haven't seen a World War 3 is SOLELY the fact industry drives and funds enough science. CERN, Linacs, a punch of stuff.

Bathyj2825d ago

War is the MOTHER of invention. You have no idea how many everyday items came about because of necessity in times of war.

I have no idea either, but I'm sure someone could Google it.

mrv3212825d ago

The computer
The TV
The Gun
The Plane
The Automobile
The telaphone

All where either invented BECAUSE of War or improved by it... the Computer being the most direct thing and the phone the least.

Also, we can thank war for Mass Production, Brain surgery, infact most surgery and A WHOLE HOST of medical thing like it's unwise to have the bathroom next to the kitchen.

INehalemEXI2825d ago

Judo chopping raptors ....sweeeet.

Bathyj2825d ago

Pfft. I thought of Nazi Dinosaurs ages ago.

Its Nazi ZOMBIE Dinosaurs with lasers that I'm really excited about.

Bathyj2825d ago

Hey, I'm working on an LBP level.

Once I've mastered proper bipedal movement I'm set.

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