Killzone 3 Review (theGamerBuzz)

Well, for better or for worse (depending on whether you liked the last two games), Killzone is back for another go so they can call it a trilogy (at least until the inevitable fourth game is made). If you read my preview last week, you’ll remember that I didn’t exactly have good feelings about the last two instalments. Without giving too much away at the beginning, I’ll just say right now, Killzone 3 is a much better experience than I was expecting. In fact, I really dug it.

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benighted death2825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

first,i really LOVE the game!!
but i must say one thing that really bugs me...i really dont get why i was able to "upscale" the DEMO to 1080p and i cant even do it with the full game!!i have a 46" samsung LED and theres a HUGE difference between 720p and 1080p..even 1080i !!
that REALLY bugs me! i hope they will patch it so at least we will be able to upscale it to 1080i,because 720p really sucks for me!
beside that the game is just great..its by far the best FPS i've played this year and so far it deserve to be GOTY