Saudi Arabia's Killzone 3 Midnight Lunch Coverage

Last Sunday we were in the capital of the UAE Dubai to attend and cover the launching of the game Killzone 3, and after our arrival on Monday, we went directly from the plane to the world of PlayStation in the Saudi capital Riyadh to cover the launching ceremony there as well. Of course there was a clear difference between the two events and will be seen through the coverage of the first picture we've made....

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lociefer2827d ago

a troll and a racist too ? wow you must be a very lovely person

Rumor2827d ago

i love midnight lunch

schlanz2827d ago

How is that racist? Couldn't he be responding to the lulz-worthy title typo?

InfectedDK2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I believe he would have pointed if out, is so.
His comment looks like an arrogant joke.
Also I see him spamming all the time, that's why I think, people got that impression.

PS3 Supremacy2827d ago

Saudia Arabia is a country. Killzone 3 is a game. Midnight is 12:00 AM. Lunch is a meal usually around noon time of the day. Although I think they meant to put "launch". Hopefully that was informative enough for you, jack.

InfectedDK2827d ago

But I gotta say, pretty funny to make a coverage of a midnight lunch :b

DarkSpawnClone2827d ago

XD!!!! Midnight Lunch!!!!!!! hahaha

FailOverHero2827d ago

Gotta love gaming! Brings all kinds of people all across the globe together :)

RememberThe3572827d ago

Holy shit... I don't hate what you just said... Thats first :)

Well said though. Bubbles.

nemey2827d ago

without our oil.
you will live with bicycle

yume-k2827d ago

Who discovered the oil in your shitty country in the first place?

phinch2827d ago

@jimbo mix! are you actually being serious?

beavis4play2827d ago

is midnight lunch like afternoon delight?

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Slimshadyn2827d ago

Getting my copy tomorrow cant freakin wait. Lol at the pic of the kids holding their copies with the big red 18 on it. :P

ArabianKnight2827d ago

Yeah We do that down here =P

shooterexpert2827d ago

curious, hope you don't mind me asking, but what kind of car do you drive ?

ArabianKnight2827d ago

Not at all . 2008 Hummer h3

MicroSony4Life2827d ago

Gas must be cheap in your country.

Here 1 Gal cost 6.50 USD.

badz1492827d ago

but he's not! :-( he's a CoD guy anyway and I tell him to try KZ3 instead! *go to call Saudi Arabia*

miyamoto2827d ago

and anybody here thinks that awesome the Guerilla Games black T-shirt should have made it with the KZ3 collector's edition?

Shackdaddy8362827d ago

The guy in the article picture has a super creepy stare....

PSjesus2827d ago

Not being a racist(my best friend is Arabic)
But yea i agree that's one hell of stare

Shackdaddy8362827d ago

There is nothing racist at all about it... If it were a white guy that looked like that then I would say the same thing...

edwineverready2827d ago

Yeah and don't forget they get there games tax free. Damn lucky if you ask me!

ugo2827d ago

not even reviews or bs article can stop people from buying kill zone 3

FailOverHero2827d ago

Oh boy. Will you people can it? Who said reviews would affect sales? Especially since it has gotten pretty good reviews?