Randy Pitchford justifies Duke Nukem's existence in a Call Of Duty world

In an interview with IGN, Gearbox's Randy Pitchford justifies Duke's existence in a Call of Duty world.

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bwazy2826d ago

Actually, Duke's the one who justifies COD's place in this world... He's been letting it warm his seat.

The Meerkat2826d ago

Call of Doodie?
The Duke don't have time for that Sh!t.

showtimefolks2826d ago

i could careless its a fashion thing now a days people buy it to play zombie mode and to say they play COD

there are better FPS in the market its the casuals who are supporting the COD because i don't think hardcore gamers can buy over one billion worth of COD games

so when casuals see the advertisement on tv big explosions and there friends telling them its the best game ever lol they run to stores to buy it

Acquiescence2826d ago

Definitely agree with him. Duke came back at the perfect time.

ChrisW2826d ago (Edited 2826d ago )

Duke Nukem is the Chuck Norris of video games? Justifiable.

I just hope they have some Chuck Norris Easter Eggs to pay homage.

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