Video Games Can Prevent Nightmares?

"Silent Hill or Dead Space could be helping us get better sleep. How?" ~ Nick Tan

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Sev2825d ago

I know after a long gaming session, my dreams are more vivid.

edwineverready2825d ago

When i played silent hill the room at a friends house. We both had nightmares and could not sleep. That was the last time i played a Horror game. If i have a long game session i just play the game in my dreams the whole night. which sucks. That's why i take a hour break before i go to bed after gaming.

insertcoin2825d ago

Huh, I've never had a nightmare from a video game before. I think that making my mind exhausted after a good video game session, though, makes me fall asleep faster.

stormeagle62825d ago

Whenever I've played a game for too long it's basically all I can dream about for the entire night.

LostTokens2821d ago

Say what you like, I'm not playing Silent Hill or Dead Space any time soon... I already have a problem called "scardy bladder," don't need to worry about vivid dreams too.