Any Resident Evil character is a better choice than Jill for Marvel vs. Capcom 3 DLC

Bitmob Writer Chas Guidry: Excited to download Jill Valentine in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 next month? Me neither. I'd be willing to pay for pretty much any other Resident Evil character. Here are just a few fighters I bet would sell better than Resident Evil 5's boring version of Jill.

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xryls2827d ago

Leon would be a better choice

HardcoreGamer2827d ago

Original MVC2 Jill would own this Bleached Jill. I was really hopin for Nemesis Jill but we got Bleached Jill instead. just great. oh well at least we dont buy her as dlc.... oh wait. more payment huh. im slowly hating capcom more and more.

choadley2827d ago

It's all Frank West's fault.

Opiumunkey2827d ago

lol...wasnt he called hunk or something? awesome bonus character!

SquareEnixFan2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Jill is the greatest RE character of all time. I prefer RE5 Jill over most of the characters on MvC3's entire roster.

fantasygamer2827d ago

I agree with you. I've always seen Jill as one of, if not the Most kick a** of the female cast of RE characters, after she took out Nemesis, basically on her own.

midgard2272827d ago

this is true u guys, jill is some and im eagerly awaiting her as is my gf. this is way better that jill oddly having control over tyrant and zombies lol. plus jill is hot!!! modeled after the gorgeous Julia Voth!!! *drools.

also helps that she will be fastest character in game

JoySticksFTW2827d ago

Jill is the character I used first in RE. She was cooler than Chris.

But I like Leon the best, though Claire is cool too.

Tolkoto2827d ago

I agree. I hate what RE5 did to Jill and Wesker. They made them lame Matrix characters YEARS after the Matrix was actually cool.

LightofDarkness2827d ago

Agreed, I miss the scheming, cerebral Wesker who manipulated all from the shadows. Not Agent Smith-sker.

jeeves862827d ago

Have to agree on that one. It seemed like even though he was hiding in the shadows all the time, he still rocked enough to put you in your place when you finally found him. Or super fast.

WetN00dle692827d ago

Chris sucks Wesker is freaking awesome!

Etseix2827d ago

am I listening to a boulder here? oh noes!

WetN00dle692827d ago

Why? Were you talking to your own arse or something?

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The story is too old to be commented.