SEGA Auction Dreamcast Collection Vinyl Record On Ebay


"Doesn’t matter where you are in the globe, the auction is open to all comers.

"As mentioned, SEGA Australia has kindly donated it’s ’001′ SEGA Dreamcast Collectors Vinyl Record Album for the Qld Flood Relief, where ALL proceeds will go directly to the Queensland Premiers Flood Relief.

"Below are the details and links on how to get to the eBay site to place your bids, and I know that there are many collectors out there willing to put in to help raise the fund drastically needed to help Queenslanders get back on their feet."

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XboxOZ3602823d ago

It would be great if more publishers helped out those who help line their pockets throughout the world with such activities.

Even if it's only a few thousand $$'s, it ALL helps those who have lost everything in such events as floods, fires and hurricanes.

I got one of their earlier Sonic Adventure Blue Vinyl LP, looks sweet actually, and certainly attracts its fair share of attention when ppl come over.

Godem2823d ago

be interesting to see what that actually goes for...

XboxOZ3602823d ago

It will be actually, MS have managed to get good prices for their various 360 custom cases in the past, with some selling for over several $k. while others sell for several hundred, well above normal retail.

Let's hope that ppl support it, as it's a worthwhile cause, as is any disaster relief.

gaminoz2823d ago

Hmmm maybe Sony, MS, and Nintendo should do some sort of auction too. Any money to help out is great.

XboxOZ3602823d ago

Well, the more ppl that approach them, either through their own efforts, or jointly, the higher likelihood of some sort of response.

Say if MS/Sony were to replace the consoles lost from victims, so long as the person could bring in evidence that the item was lost, damaged in the flood etc etc,

That would win the hearts and minds of not only gamers, but parents as well.

Sure, some would be covered by home insurance, but many would not .. .