Killzone 3 Walkthrough video guide at GameGuideDog

With one of the hottest shooters to release this month, you probably want to bone up on some of the best tactics and skills you'll need for the entire multi-co-op play as well as the single story mode from GameGuideDog.

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rajman2823d ago

You have to join the site to watch the walkthrough o_0

gameguidedog2823d ago

True but the full review and videos are also available if you use the site to search for them. They get added daily. The first part of the walkthrough in video form will be in the non-members area tomorrow.

LunaticBrandon2823d ago

Does anyone honestly need a walkthrough for a modern FPS? Keep walking forward and shoot anything that moves.

gameguidedog2822d ago

Fortunately, GGD agrees with you on this point entirely.