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Ys I & II Chronicles is the latest PSP title from the Ys series, yet it’s not new at all. Instead of a new installment, it’s a remake of the Ys I & II Complete remake which appeared on the PC in 2001, meaning this has updated graphics from the original released back in 1989. The game itself was localized and published by XSEED games here in North America. Both titles are included on one UMD, so you are able to switch between games at a moments notice. There have been many titles that have been remastered or re-released on the Sony handheld — how do Ys I & II hold up on Sony’s portable device?

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Bigpappy2767d ago

This was my first action RPG. More of an RPG than Zelda. Only if Japan had stayed with this formula.

BigPete79782767d ago

I absolutely love the Ys series, easily one of my favorites.

BigWoopMagazine2767d ago

I've heard of it, but knew nothing about it until now

NJShadow2767d ago

Y oh Y haven't I ever played these games!?

T3mpr1x2767d ago

Because you, like many of us, have never heard of this game!

Skullomania2767d ago

You may also want to play YS Seven on the PSP, it's great.

kagon012767d ago

I started with, Ys VI Ark of Naphistim for the PSP awesome and painful at the same time(Now Loading for almost everything you do...

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