Bulletstorm PC Performance Analysis

DasReviews writes: "With Bulletstorm being officially released, it’s time to see how it performs to the PC platform. Did People Can Fly optimize even further the Unreal 3 Engine? Is it CPU or GPU bound? What about the 3D Vision support? And does it scale well in SLI systems?"

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x8002851d ago

well it sounds like its optimised, i still need to get this game later this year.

kevnb2851d ago

Aa kills video cards in ue3 for some reason. Also the pirates will complain since they don't have the day 1 patch....

Kon2851d ago

Yes, they have. Just search on Google and you'll find.

bozebo2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

"Aa kills video cards in ue3 for some reason" - thats because ue3 uses deferred rendering which has been a popular technique for games these past few years. It opens up some nice graphics that consoles wouldn't be capable of pumping out otherwise but it does have drawbacks such as odd antialiasing (which consoles can't handle at nice fps anyway if they want lots of polys and nice shaders). Deferred rendering will be ditched next generation due to the huge advancements in gpu technology - which is good news for pc games too because the multiplats will be more PC appropriate. (you think consoles are basically PCs already, next gen they will be even more similar)

Anyway, I was hoping this analysis might also talk about the controls. Unreal engine games typically have buggy mouse input - not the engine's fault, lazy devs - I'm not buying another one that doesn't expect anybody to have a mouse with more than 800dpi (everyone...) and forces acceleration etc.

kevnb2851d ago

mouse felt fine, but im using a razor device.that kills any acceleration at driver level. had to turn off auto-aim though, seems weird it would be on be default....

Solbadguy2851d ago

PCs rip through anything that uses the UE3.

xtremegamerage2851d ago

I'm not surprised a pc would rip through that, hardly a good looking title.

Textures are nasty.

kevnb2851d ago

i think it looks pretty good, lots of effects etc... although the ue3 is quite overated usually.

IronyTaken2851d ago

The game has a bug in it so if you are playing at a 16:10 resolution try bumping it down.

I was originally playing at 1680x1050 and only got 19 fps with high settings and 2xAA.

I then switched to 1600x1024 and I get around 51+ fps on the same settings.

Also there is a bug with the shadows, color binding and smoke.

The game doesn't utilize my GPU and CPU by more than half when playing at 1680x1050 but going to a resolution that isn't 16:10 let my GPU and CPU to be fully utilized.

john22851d ago

There are indeed some issues with some resolutions. At 1920x1080 I'm getting great performance, whereas at 1680x1050 performance is all over the place. Seems that there is a memory leak with some resolutions or something like that!