Killzone 3 Review [Game Revolution]

"Throwing out the baby Helghast with the irradiated bathwater." ~ Jesse Costantino

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dbjj120882827d ago

Not the game everyone else on this site is making it out to be. N4G sure does show it's bias when it comes to Killzone 3.

Passthemic2827d ago

Shhhhhhhhhhhhh You'll be painted a 360 fanboy.

BattleAxe2827d ago

This thread has attracted a whole bunch of 360 fanboys for some reason. Anyway I just picked up KZ3 and I'm looking forward to playing it. We all know that when it comes to PS3 exclusives that the media is far more critical for some reason, yet they give every Halo game a free pass and every CoD game a free pass without any critical analysis.

HungryGoku2827d ago

We don't care for your kind you are the minority.

zootang2827d ago

Either way you are missing out on a quality game. We are gamers after all.

plb2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

I just beat kz3 :) took about 5rs on trooper. Good game looking forward to MP.

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SoapShoes2827d ago

You haven't even played it so don't even go judging it. I haven't gotten my hands on it yet but I'm not going to let anyone tell me how good it is or not.

FYI, people do think it's as good as they are making it out to be so don't be such a dumb dumb it's THEIR opinion.

samurailincoln2827d ago

Yeah. Don't have an opinion on something on a thread to a review for a game unless you're going to say something positive about it. Unless you've already played it. In which case, keep your opinion to yourself.

SoapShoes2827d ago

Um, what??? Has nothing to do with what I was saying, but good randomization. :)

Mista T2827d ago

I agree, just look at the degrees it has where it says hottest games on the front page.

people overhyping to the max

Kon2827d ago

Yet people disagree but don't try to prove it otherwise...

beavis4play2827d ago

KON - what would any of us (who love the game) say to you haters that's going to change anything? it sounds like you guys want to argue. i'm just taking a break from the game to eat and thought i'd come on and see what people are talking about.

i'm really enjoying everything about the game.
as far as what haters think?.....i don't care. people like you and mista T can hate all you want - it doesn't affect me in the least.

clearelite2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

Is it the game that the many reviewers who gave it a 9+ are making it out to be? If not, do you even own the game so you can make an honest assessment? Probably not based on your statement.

Killzone 3 is amazing and very fun, especially with the Move. People who play the game know this and nobody trolling in a forum are going to undermine it's success.

beavis4play2827d ago

i'm liking the game too! i don't use the move but i'm having a great time with it. i'm really into the story too. the reviews that said the story and voice acting were bad don't know what they're talking about.

Buho2827d ago

Your opinion will be valid once you own a PS3, and play KZ3 yourself. Until then, STFU like all the other 360 fanboys that claim to have played KZ3 and say it sucks, or it's too short. Just played the demo today, there are no words to describe how beautiful KZ3 is. I can't wait to get my copy asap!

beavis4play2827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

plb i just stopped playing at the point the SP demo starts. and i've been playing for 5 hours (by the clock on the wall).

really enjoying the game - i love everything! can't believe all the haters and trolls on the threads.

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insertcoin2827d ago

Killzone 3 just tries to do too many things on the marketing sheet. The jetpack and 3D parts of Killzone 3 are awesome - should have just stuck to those things instead.

Volpone2827d ago

That's what it seems like to me, too. Sony just can't seem to get its feet under itself when it comes to FPS games.

Thoreau2827d ago

you have not played kz3 judging from your statement. the whole game is in 3d if you have a a 3d tv.. get a ps3.........

insertcoin2826d ago

I was using "parts" as synonymous with "features". But to be clear, yes, the jetpack section and the 3D feature are clearly the best new ideas of Killzone 3 that come through nicely.

samurailincoln2827d ago

How could this game suck? It's got jetpacks in it! Jetpacks never suck (Dark Void being the exception to the rule)

stormeagle62827d ago

The exception that proves* the rule, you mean?

Rageanitus2827d ago

Im a pro pc player.... and this game is actually very good.... much more polished over the old kz2.... if xbox fanboys want to stand behind their halo... let them cuz they are really missing out.

Kon2827d ago

They stand behind halo because thats the only FPS they play i think.

Jio2827d ago

Have you played Killzone 3?

DantheMan812827d ago (Edited 2827d ago )

People stick by halo because it has a shitload of features that killzone 3 doesn't. I've been playing killzone most of the day, its fun but to be honest it doesn't have alot of multiplayer features. I don't see this game being fun for more than a month or so.

TheDivine2827d ago

I cant wait to play this. I like the controlls over kz2. The graphics, i really cant tell but the environments are far better. More variety and color. This has nothing to do with the 360 though? Reach is great, killzones great. People still play reach because of all the content it has. Im glad kz3 has co-op and a new mode but its not enough to compete with reach since u guys brought it up. Enjoy both! It sucks not to have choice. I do like that it has bots, great that they thought of people without internet.

ceedubya92827d ago

Choice IS great. But the majority here don't really care about that, and buy only what they think suits their needs. And then of course there are those that are loyalist to one side and rather have their bragging points.

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