Rockstar Deals on PSN writes - "During the next two weeks, PSN Store "will be featuring a few special deals on select Rockstar Games titles on the PlayStation Network."

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Zydake2558d ago

I just hope it's decent no table tennis 4 me

yess2558d ago

Smuglers run would have been nice.

NaiNaiNai2558d ago

I remember the deal I got. XD

GTA 1-2-3-vc-sa all for 7.99$

yea steam!

Bear_Grylls2558d ago

Agreed I got it to.

Lol to the disgarees.

zeeshan8102558d ago

You guys got a pretty good deal. :P
I agree with you.

b163o12558d ago (Edited 2558d ago )

What about "TheWarriors", its one of those games that R* should have been put on the network..........R* what the hell is going on with AGENT????

C L O U D2558d ago

"Do you want some flash mannnnn" *beats up guy and takes his drugs*

BkaY2558d ago

my all times fav game "THE WARRIORS".....

bubbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb+

n you too C L O U D


zeeshan8102558d ago

I would totally buy 'The Warriors'. That game is classic..never gets OLD! :P

LoneWanderer092558d ago

Warriors is a game that never gets old it be awesome if they made a remake and added Multilayer

zeeshan8102558d ago

I would totally buy The Warriors on the next-gen (PS3/ Xbox360). :P

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nevin12558d ago

Do you have to download lost damn and and gay tony at the same time?

zeeshan8102558d ago

you will get both games for $14.99(CHEAP).

ThatArtGuy2558d ago

As cheap as Gay Tony is! (He's really, really cheap, BTW.)