Dragon Age II Demo Impressions (TheGamerBuzz)

The first Dragon Age caused division among the RPG fans. Many thought that the story was exceptionally told and helped to create one of the most unique experiences of this generation that engrossed the player in a fantasy world like few before it. Others couldn’t get past the PlayStation 2 looking graphics and clunky controls. As you might imagine, I truly loved the first installment into the series. Therefore, I’ve been counting down the days until the Dragon Age II demo was to be released. Well, it has finally hit the consoles. Were the changes to the combat a significant upgrade? Did the graphics improve at all? Did Bioware manage to keep the high level of polish when it came to the story? Let’s find out.

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Raendom2824d ago

I loved it, played it twice. I think I'll be playing as a female in the final game, because her voice is just better. The cast of characters is great and 'twas cool seeing Flemmeth (and thus more excited about meeting more DAO characters).

Odd thing about the general graphics (I played on PC) is you feel like a giant, the buildings are just really small. Your character is about half the size of a building... ? But like this article points out, you don't play Dragon Age for it's graphics. :)

Baka-akaB2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Suddenly everyone find the game ugly after the mess the first game was in that area ? Even mods and the highest resolution couldnt save it back then . It didnt matter anyway .

It is easily better looking , while not great looking , and at least it finally moves better .

That silly "ps2 graphics" expression needs to die . Everytime it's used , its for a game that would actually look gorgeous and probably impossible to do on ps2 .

divideby02824d ago

played through the 360 demo..
cant judge the game by the demo, since the story is what makes this game.
graphics are very meh, combat as the article states at times is just button mashing
If I buy the game it will be on the PC....for improved controls and graphics