Violence in video games - is there too much?

Violence plays a huge role in what we choose to play, read or watch... but are video games featuring too much of it?

Megabits of Gaming asks whether games should be a little less violent or whether it's become an integral element

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hoops2854d ago

"Violence in video games - is there too much?"

Nope. We need much more so we can piss off outlets like Fox news....

awiseman2854d ago

Its not just Fox News FYI these fools are all over on both sides.

andrew1719942853d ago

next are movies to violent...

bwazy2853d ago

The only way they'll ever get me to buy another CoD game, is by making it so I can shoot a noob in the leg, blow it off, watch him hobble 5 feet before I blow off his other leg, grab him by the hair and begin to skin him with his own knife whilst choking him with his own intestines.

Are video games too violent? Hell no. The violence that one can imagine even makes bullet storm look like my little pony.