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A lot of gamers groan when they hear of movie-game tie ins. Some turn out great, like "Goldeneye" and "The Chronicles of Riddick," but most turn out like the recent "Iron Man" games, very bad. I think a movie game's quality depends on the technology available at the time and how much interest the developers have in the film. Many developers develop cheap cash ins to draw in fans of the movie, but put little effort into the product. If the right amount of care is taken with a movie property there is a good chance it will succeed. Here are the top five movies I would like to be made into games.

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lordkemp0072825d ago (Edited 2825d ago )

There was a Dirty Harry game planned for ps3. It was shown as an upcoming title pre ps3 release. It was either a conceptual trailer that i saw but either way i think the game was canned or never fully entered production. Also on Xbox 360. here is the youtube link.
Its a pity as the game looked rather promising.

Bathyj2825d ago

I've had this idea for years.


No, not wrestling.

A huge open island made with the Crisis engine.

Persistent enemies/allies that exist whether youre there or not. Gun combat. Melee weapons. TRAPS. There arent enough traps in games. Plus Japanese girls in school uniforms.

It would involve forming alliances, betrayal, stealth or full assault. Last man standing gameplay, you dont respawn. You die, play a new game.

To win a game you must survive or escape but never knowing if escape is actually possible.

I'm only talking SP here. Multiplayer would be like a MMO-FPS/TPS. I'm sure you online guys would love it, but SP guys like me would too as the character layout and loyalties would be random and change every game. It would be up to you to decide who to trust be ultimately, like the movie, in the end its every man for themself.

The movie also had a player who was there deliberately and not abducted, (the rest were all kidnapped and put there against their will and told to kill each other to live) so expect a couple of real badassed characters in each game with spiky bright hair and a bit more capable and motivated than the others.

kramun2825d ago

Sounds riveting. I wonder why they haven't made a game like that.

Bathyj2825d ago

Because I'm just an wannabe games maker.

Dont get me started on Tenchu, that series would be AAA if they listened to the 10 pages of ideas I have for it.

kramun2825d ago

All joking aside, why don't you put some of your game ideas forward to some mod communities. I'm hopelessly unimaginative, but I'd love to be involved with game making.

You sound like you'd really enjoy it.

mightyboot2825d ago

There´s more cinema classics that could be put into videogames like Kill Bill for example. :)