Microsoft, What’ya Smoking? Release A Portable Xbox

The Xbox brand incredible popularity is something most people didn’t think was achievable within this generation especially when it conspicuously failed in every way to make any impact last gen

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wwm0nkey2824d ago

They would get destroyed if they did right now. Now if they released one a year after the NGP with better tech then sure they MIGHT have a chance but I doubt it as MS has TERRIBLE support for handhelds.

HardcoreGamer2824d ago

microsofts gaming division is not the versatile for the finance they put into it. they had to pull developtment from 1st party and prevent expansion in them to bring kinect. unless they expand their teams and products its going to be aimed towards kinect right now

captain-obvious2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

last MS portable device didn't do well
i guess its name was ken or something

lets just face it MS sucks when it comes to portable stuff

sdtarm2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

^they suck when it comes to anything related to Hardware Stuff

xDaRkModEx2824d ago

I'm still rocking my 30 gb zune with 3-4 years under it's belt....

Rush2824d ago

Yeah that's why the original Xbox is so much more reliable then the ps2.

Facts don't matter though continue your Sony jerk circle you bunch of frisky inbreeds.

BlackTar1872824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

rush and the ps3 is more then the 360.

I think forward if your xbox and its so tough cuz it was then how can you go so far backward i mean falling off a cliff backward and the other moves forward. Were not talking about the past were talking about the current and currently MS HW is no good.

Some argue there SW is still no good but i don't agree.

AAACE52824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Seeing how MS made the announcement that they would be using ARM chips in their portable devices, you have to wonder if they were just talking about phones or if there was something else in mind!

Either way, they "CLAIM" they have a bunch of announcements we will like. Could it be a portable Xbox? Could it be more exclusives? Could it be more games going multiplat?

I guess we'll find out in a few days!

Also, it could actually work out! There are tons of Indie games on XBL that would be good choices for a handheld. Also, there could be a way to get regular 360 games to fit on the console, similar to how the NGP will do.

NiKK_4192824d ago

actually the whole thing about ARM was for windows pc not windows phone, theyre allowing support for windows on ARM chips

ComboBreaker2823d ago

how they gonna fit the 360 into a handheld device without burning the gamer?

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R2D22824d ago

Why would they get destroyed?

Like it or not MS has made a name for its self in the gaming industry. A hand held this year by X-mas would be perfect for MS - LIVE if integrated correctly would make it a day 1 purchase for me.

wwm0nkey2824d ago

Trust me I would LOVE a xbox handheld as much as the next guy but there are just too many things coming out. If they beef up their mobile division and release a year after the NGP without some of the usless features (im sorry the back tracker is stupid) and better tech I will buy it day 1

Rush2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Yeah you all said that at the start of the current generation, Sony included I don't see them laughing now.

MrGunny942824d ago

We got one Windows Phone 7!!! they just need to use UNREAL ENGINE on it!

NYC_Gamer2824d ago

there is no real profit for MS in that market

MicroSony4Life2824d ago

Actully there is allot of profit for MS.

If MS can implement LIVE in there hand held to run like the 360 then MS would make allot pof profit because MS Points.

Kon2824d ago

Nah, they're making too much money with Windows and Xbox. They don't need more.

TXIDarkAvenger2824d ago

Microsoft doesn't need to. I'd rather have them work on just their consoles.

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