Bulletstorm - 5 Minutes of Gameplay

Five minutes of gameplay from the People Can Fly/Epic/EA title Bulletstorm.

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fromasterjay2851d ago

Still not 100% sold on this game...I'm waiting for the reviews...

SactoGamer2851d ago

There are plenty of reviews already posted.

ElementX2851d ago (Edited 2851d ago )

95% of them are 8+/10

divideby02851d ago

No CoOp is a no buy for me..
This game will get stale in 2 weeks for me.
Rental for me

zootang2851d ago

I'm surprised it didn't get deducted points in reviews for lack of Co-op or a jump mechanic. Also I remember something about swearing in video games being lame?

ElementX2851d ago

There is an online co-op mode

Ninver2851d ago

lol no matter how high they score BS i'm still not buying it. Played it at mates house and i went with him to return it. What a mediocre excuse for a game.

Echo3072851d ago

OMG, I can't believe how sad and pathetic you are. Spamming the same BS hate and fake story about Bulletstorm in multiple articles when it hasn't even launched in your region.


Burning_Finger2851d ago

Looks very repetitive. Where the hell is the objectives, story and Boss fights??

Kon2851d ago

Yeah, because in 5Minutes of video we will have Boss fights, many objectives and you will know the whole history.

xtremegamerage2851d ago

Steer the bullet - Heavenly sword rings a bell.

Does look interesting though:)

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