GameInformer: Knights Contract Review

Heinrich and Gretchen’s journey is tiresome, but when the game works the way it should – with Gretchen being far removed from harm’s way, and Heinrich navigating ledge-free areas – the duo creates a wonderfully chaotic storm on the battlefield that empowers the player with the feeling of being unstoppable.

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shadowknight2032824d ago

I know its sad, but Im very excited to see this game get a 7/10..i was hoping for like a 6 but deep down i was expecting this game to blow. I am a huge fan of the hacknslash and to see that it get's this high will definitely force my hand into buying this once the price goes down.

Chris3992824d ago

It's a lovely hackn'slash. Between this and Trinity: SoZO (and a couple more JRPGs), I'll be VERY occupied till Dungeon Siege and Elder Scrolls come out.

Awesome year for fantasy and J-fantasy games.

shadowknight2032824d ago

yeah I completely agree. Now if only SOny would rerelease champions of norrath and return to arms in HD my life would be complete