Dungeon Siege 3 Hands-On Preview - Game Revolution

"With a load of quests, multiple characters to play, and, you know, all those neat touches the art guys were talking about, DS3 will be a massive time sink when it's released in May." - Game Revolution

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Sev2827d ago

Game looks fantastic. I loved the first two. Brings back memories.

user94220772827d ago

Yep, indeed. Looked fantastic at E3, can't wait to get my hands on it. Graphics especially look stunning.

samurailincoln2827d ago

I love this series, so glad to see they're making another one. Imma siege so many dungeons.

dbjj120882827d ago

Obsidian's awesome writing is only going to be interrupted by my hunger for more play time.

felix882827d ago

Finally I can see Onyx engine in action, hope they will use it for their future projects. Can't wait to play it on my glorious PC, not with fake HD systems.

dbjj120882827d ago

Obsidian included a huge amount of camera control to show off the Onyx engine too.

insertcoin2827d ago

The console needs a strong classic action RPG like this.

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