College News Review: Killzone 3

College News: In the two short years since Guerrilla Games’ technically marvelous and visually stunning “Killzone 2,” the First Person Shooter (FPS) landscape has continued to iterate, evolve and expand. Bloated budgets and sprawling set pieces that would make Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay weep have become the standard, while multiplayer longevity and addictiveness is now essential for a day one purchase and consumer loyalty. Much like its signature controls, then, Killzone 3 has quite the weight on its shoulders. Fortunately, the developers have funneled community feedback, an inspired art direction and their passion for game design into one seriously noteworthy video game.

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Redman222824d ago

Taking a small break from KZ3 and so far the game is fucking BEAST SON! Haven't touch the MP yet I'm leaving that for dessert.

GG fantastic job on KZ3!

clearelite2823d ago

Glad you like it. I'll be picking up my copy Thursday when I go into work. I like the 9+ scores because they seem to keep the trolls away.

killyourfm2823d ago

Never realized it until you just said're absolutely right!

beavis4play2823d ago

redman22 - i'm loving it too! i've stopped playing for tonight (my GF and i are watching a movie soon) but i'll be back on it tomorrow afternoon!

hey! the reviewers who were putting down the story can kiss my butt - i think the story and voice acting are very good.......heck - EVERYTHING about the game is great!!