Examiner - First Impressions Review: 'Bulletstorm' is the game we've been waiting for

If Bulletstorm doesn't satiate your appetite for guns, blood, things blowing up, and mutants being shot directly in the jubblies, nothing will. The game-- which comes to us from EA, Epic, and People Can Fly-- arrived in stores today, and your humble Comedy Examiner was sent a copy of the game for review purposes. Oh, sure, you'll get your review, Epic: but not until I'm done laying waste to the entirety of Elysium (the obviously fictional planet that the bulk of Bullestorm takes place on). Until then, here's our first impressions of the game...

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NukaCola2824d ago

Killzone 3 will satisfy, and so will Crysis 2 as well. Is Bulletstorm the be all, end all of shooters or something? Because I am not dying to spend $60 on this game.

Also congrat to People Can Fly listed 3rd in the who this is brought to you by...I mean they only created the damn game.

Iroquois_Pliskin2824d ago

I just played the demo and tbh i didnt quite like it all you do i rope, kick, pray that you find a trap and shoot

Ninver2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

lol no matter how high they score BS i'm still not buying it. Played it at mates house and i went with him to return it. What a mediocre excuse for a game.

Echo3072824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

"Played it at mates house"

I'm going to assume your wording means you're either in EU or AU. Which is funny because you said you went with your friend to return it... and the game doesn't launch in either of those regions until later this week.

Edit @ Kon: I know. Checked his comment history and he's a raging PS3/Killzone fanboy so of course every other game is the enemy.

Burning_Finger2824d ago

Sound and looks OVERRATED!!...reviewers doesn't surprised me anymore.

JsonHenry2824d ago

I played the demo of this game, and unless the final product is just that much better than the demo I don't see why anyone would go drop $60 on this game. Price it at ~$25 and then we will talk.

Raider692824d ago

Its not a $60/69€ game,but for me no gamer shoud have to pay that much to play a game regarded the title or platform!

Cajun Chicken2824d ago

I'm so hyped to get around playing this hopefully later this week!

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The story is too old to be commented.