One Boss Left, But No Thanks : Why We Abandon Games

Ever play a game and get to the very end only to shelf it and let it remain unfinished? Ever venture as to why?

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Iroquois_Pliskin2829d ago (Edited 2829d ago )

Yeah, Demon´s Souls. I cant beat that damn game on the last boss

gypsygib2828d ago

I've done that with a couple of games, it always happens after I put approx 35 hrs into them, not sure if I'm sick of the same gameplay or if newer games just steals my interest, I do plan on going back and finishing them though during the gaming drought in summer (if PS3 allows me to, too many great games)

topgun332828d ago

Me too. FFVII- Sephiroth's 2nd transformation, and once my group is killed, its game over without a chance to switch to your other party. Resident evil 4 when you get to the the underground cavern and have to avoid the U3 while shooting the chains of the containers within a time limit.
Mind you this was on easy with very little ammo.