Gaming on a Budget

"Being a gamer in today’s economy is not easy with most games running at least $60 plus tax and having just one home console running you a minimum of $200. Then accessories with controllers running about $55 each and if you are an Xbox gamer, you have an Xbox LIVE subscription to pay for if you want to play online. With all of these expenses, you would think being a gamer today would be only for the rich. This is not the case though; there are ways to save money and still enjoy your gaming experience. Follow some of these simple tips and you will save money and still be able to enjoy some great video games."

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Nick2120042850d ago

GameFly is definitely a great service for those who enjoy playing a plethora of videogames each year without hurting their wallet.

thebudgetgamer2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

i don't think GameFly would work for me as i will have a game sitting around for months without thinking of itl then the day will come when i don't want to do anything except for playing that game.

gcolley2850d ago

i have that damn problem. i need to wait til they are cheaper instead of buying them at launch and then not "being in the mood" for what is sometimes a year, at which point it is less than half the original price.

online purchasing only for me now as Australia is becoming crazy expensive for everything. just go ahead and double what this article says and you'll have a fair idea

tmanmushroom2850d ago (Edited 2850d ago )

I always have to consider money when I'm gaming. I mainly buy new titles with gift cards or store credit. In my opinion, $60 is too much because there's such a wide variety of games out there. If I paid $60 for every game I had, I would be broke by now!

killajd2849d ago

Gamefly was a good choice for me when I was on a budget! I used it all the time. Great article nick